eHost Web Hosting Review: The Best Cheap Web Host?

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Looking for very cheap web host for your newly created website? Then, eHost is definitely for you. They offer website building tool to allow you to create a website from scratch, relieving stress from you and also saving money for you. Just like other popular web host, they offer you a free domain, unlimited bandwidth and storage, and an email addresses so that you can get started quickly.

Get Started with Now cheap, new, and 24/7 support

With their online website building tool, you

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How to Update Domain Name Servers

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I often register my domain name with GoDaddy but host my website through another company ( currently). If your situation is similar, then you will need to change its nameservers.

To update the domain name servers, you will have to first find the nameservers of your web host.

I use a command prompt to change my domain name servers. It’s easy and quick to find the nameservers of my web host.

Here are the steps:

1) Click on the Start and type cmd on the Search programs and files box.

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Web Hosting: Name Servers & DNS

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According to DomainNameShop, “A nameserver is a computer connected to the Internet whose job is to translate domain names into IP addresses (or vice versa), allowing you to enter instead of 194.56.433.34.”

But how does your computer know what web page to display to your and which server to pull it from?

  1. First, your web browser knows that you typed (for example) into its address bar
  2. Second, using DNS (domain name server), your computer looks up the current name servers of
  3. From there, the public name servers of 1and1 – and– are retrieved.
  4. Your computer will ask

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Web Hosting: What to Look for

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The web hosting company that you eventually choose can dramatically affect your overall website’s performance, its up-time, and user experience.

In this web host post, we will walk you through the process of assessing and what to look for in a web host. (Check out my recommended web hosts here.)

My Reviewing Process …

There are several factors that go into the reviewing process, such as each web hosting type, their allowed website traffic levels, how much storage and speed is offered, their uptime and processing power of the CPUs, and their quality of service.

I personally evaluate all of these factors to find

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4 Essential SEO Writing Tips for Quicker Rankings

4 Essential SEO Writing Tips for Quicker Rankings

So, you saw a job application for SEO writers on UpWork and want to apply for it, right? Follow these basic SEO writing tips especially designed for beginner SEO writers.

What is SEO writing?

SEO writing is search engine optimization writing. In SEO writing, you basically use specific phrases (also known as keywords or keyword phrases) in your articles in a particular way to grab the attention of search engines.

Why would SEO writing so important for websites?

Well, simply because you need to drive those people (traffic) searching for those specific keywords to your site, make them

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17 Interesting Domain Name Facts to Blow Your Mind

blow your mind with these 17 domain name facts

You probably already know what domain name is and why it is important to have your own domain name.

Today, I got little bit curious and decided to compile a list of interesting facts about domain names that, I hope, will blow your mind.

Here are 17 interesting facts about domain names that will stick in your mind forever:

1) The first domain name ever registered

The first registered domain name was It was registered on March 15, 1985.

2) Domain were free until 1995

Did you know that domain name registration were free until 1995?

You heard that right. Then, in

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Web Hosting: Choosing a Domain

web hosting - choosing the best domain name

In the first post, we discussed different aspects of web hosting: what is web hosting, it’s importance, types of web hosting, and why you need one. In this post, we will discuss how to choose the ‘right’ domain name for your business.

Finding the ‘right’ domain name is the most crucial step in launching a new website. Most people often make a connection between a website and a domain name. Let me explain you what goes into finding a great domain name.

Basically, there are two main strategies you need to follow to choosing a great domain name. We will

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Internal linking in HTML with Example

internal linking in html with example

Internal linking is one of the aspects of SEO, or on-page SEO to be exact.

Recently I have been interlinking my articles to boost user experience (user engagement), page views, and rankings … because my bounce rate was going up and noway it showed signs of slowing down.

It wasn’t the case when I started blogging few months ago. The bounce rate of my site was relatively low – under 10%.

Looking back at my old posts, I noticed that I had used many related posts throughout the content, not just at the end of the blog post

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Backlink Image

Backlinks are the most important aspects of search engine optimization.

While it is true that you need to engage your audience with valuable and relevant content, link building still has the most dramatic effect on your search engine rankings.

In this post, you will learn what backlinks are, why they are important, types of backlink, and which ones you should focus on building.

At the end, you will also learn few tips on building powerful backlinks to your site to explode your SE rankings so that you want build laser targeted traffic to your site.

What is Backlink?

According to Wikipedia, a backlink

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