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Dear readers,

If you’re struggling to get juicy blogging ideas for your blog, and want your blog to be outrageously profitable, then you’ll absolutely love this post. I just did an in-depth online research and made a list of 15 blogging ideas your visitors will be into!

I understand, it takes a lot of discipline and determination to come up with sizzling topics every day. With these amazing 15 blog topic ideas, however, I can guarantee you’ll be able to produce awesome content, almost instantly… and regularly… even better than a lot of clueless bloggers out there.

The list I’m going to share with you is more than enough to keep you full on busy on your keyboards for the whole year.

Here’s the top 15 blog ideas that you implement on your blog, now:

Idea #1: Interview a “star”

If you know some celebrity, or people (it could also be you) with an interesting story to share about their career, life, and work, then get in contact with them, and interview them asap to share “insider” information that could be insanely useful to your readers.

Interviewing interesting people, especially a celebrity, will make your website even more popular for two simple reasons: a) you’ll be interviewing an interesting person who is rarely available to the public… and b) share their “insider” stories with you readers who might find it very interesting and useful, too.

And, if the celebrity or the person has their own large audience, it will also help you drive more traffic to your site in return.

Idea #2: Post cool infographics

Infographics combine the best of text, graphics, and design to present a complex data into a compelling story that begs to be read. They’re hugely popular these days.

If you’re a designer, go ahead and fire up your image editing tool and immediately create infographics for your site today. Or if you don’t know how to use a Photoshop tool, then use free online infographic maker such as Canva (http://www.canva.com) to create beautiful infographics with few clicks of a button. Or else, you can also hire a professional designer from Upwork or Fiverr to create breathtaking infographics that’ll make your infographics stand out from the crowd, and at less than 10 bucks.

Idea #3: Run a contest

Run a contest on your website… because it’ll give your blog a great attention as well as brings a flood of new traffic to your website, almost doing nothing else.

Idea #4: Review products products/ books/ movies

Your website visitors are constantly looking for honest, straight-to-the-point, and NO BS opinions (NOT fake reviews that people are paid to write these days). This is because honest reviews deliver a lot of value to the readers as they’re constantly looking for opinions to make posts.

Idea #5: Write a tutorial or “how to” guide

Whether you’re expert in Web design and SEO… or interested in health and fitness, relationships, spirituality, self-help, or thousands of other hobbies or passion you share with others… here’s your wonderful chance to share your expertise with others who have fewer skills and know-how than you.

You see, tutorials and “how to” guides are valuable content on your website because people are always interested in learning how to do things better, faster, easier, and simpler. As a result, you’ll also see a significant boost in your website traffic. For example, as an experienced blogger, I frequently write helpful blog posts on “how to set up a website in less than 5 minutes and start making money.”

Idea #5: Write a short story

Your blog posts don’t always have to be “top 10” tips or “how to” do something posts. Sometimes, to give a new twist to your readers, you can post a short story (I often post travel stories) on your blog, and ask your readers for their opinions. You don’t have to be a published fiction author for this. Just make it a short 400 to 500-word blog post.

Idea #6: Create list articles

Many people are busy, and also lazy. They don’t want to do the dirty legwork on research and compiling information. That’s why list articles are so popular. So fire up your MS Word now and create a TOP 10, or even better, TOP 101 list of something. List of books, tips, movies, influential people, or any other topic will instantly generate buzz.

Idea #7: Invite people to submit guest posts

If you’re running out of energy and motivation to churn out fresh new content on a daily basis, here’s a genius solution: ask people to write guest posts for your blog.

There’s nothing to lose. You get a fresh content for your blog, while they’ll get a wonderful opportunity to build up their brand or name.

Idea #8: Write your epic success and humiliating failures

You probably understand that in order to become a success at anything, you need to be failing many, many times.

But, failing is not a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing because it’s a learning experience which will help you make a smarter decision the next time. So, don’t be shy and be a wallflower, but go and talk publicly about your success and failures so that others have a chance to learn from you.

Idea #9: Crack a joke

If you want to make someone laugh, impress someone pretty, or connect with someone new, then tell a joke.

Some people are really funny. Even they don’t realize it, they’re always cracking up jokes every time they utter something out from their mouths. If you’re one of that person, go and share your jokes with the world…

… because humor is always fresh and entertaining.

Idea #10: Publish little or unknown juicy facts

Every now and often, make sure to create a killer post by gathering a long list of interesting facts, stats, and short interesting info about your niche from the Internet.

Over all these years I’ve been blogging, one thing I realized was that a blog post with many Did you know that you have a 1 in 649 739 chance of being dealt a Royal Straight Flush when you play poker,” kind of fast facts almost excites readers to share, and comment, than other content types.

Idea #11: Blog about marketing “secrets”

You can also write about top “secrets,” strategies, and techniques of making outrageous money through websites. This should get you more followers and traffic, almost overnight!

Idea #12: Post a blog about your habits (good and bad)

And sometimes, you can share something about your habits – both good and bad – with your readers.

For example, I like to go to the gym to workout three times a week. Every morning, I do a 15-minute meditation. I also write a journal regularly. It’s been almost 5 years now that I quit smoking, drinking alcohol, and watching porn. But sometimes, I could be super lazy and not wake up until 12 noon.

Sharing about your habits is a great way to build deeper and meaningful relationships with your readers, and let them know, after all, that you’re a human, too.

Not to mention, this will keep your readers engaged as well as inspire them to take action.

Idea #13: Craft a detailed “About Me” post

I noticed that most blogs have only a few lines of copy in their “About Me.”

That’s a huge mistake!

Don’t let the opportunity to stand out from other bloggers who don’t have a long and detailed about me page.

Go on and flush it all out and tell your story. Let your readers know about your exciting journey: how you began your career (in your parent’s house, with a noisy laptop battery, and almost no money in your pockets?), and how did you got where you are today.

According to a research, the “About Me” post is one of the most important section on your website. They’re frequently visited by potential customers as well as employees to get a feel for you before they’ll hit that “Contact” link on your site.

Idea #14: Publish online courses and ebooks

Take out few hours on your weekend to churn out an online course or e-books in your niche. If the quality is good (if they’re extremely useful, relevant, and engaging), people will also buy it for a good amount.

Also, you can give a free report to your readers to build an email list.

Idea #15: Write in your own style

If you want to develop your writing style asap, then forget about all the rules you’ve learned in the classroom, and use the daily expressions you use with others when speaking and dealing.

If you can write as you talk, trust me, your blogging career will be both enjoyable and profitable.

Over to you…

Do you use these blogging ideas to instantly generate traffic to your website? Would you like to share some blogging tips? Please let me know in the comment box, below!

Thanks for reading,


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