16 outrageous facts about web hosting

16 Mind Blowing Facts You Should Know About Web Hosting Images
16 Mind Blowing Facts You Should Know About Web Hosting Images

Did you know these 16 mind-blowing facts about web hosting? It’s true that “no website is complete without a web hosting.” In today’s competitive world, having a great web hosting means getting awesome customer service, loading web pages within few seconds, unlimited bandwidth to handle any amount of traffic, and securing your confidential data from unauthorized users.

If you noticed, web hosting is not a new phenomenon – it dates the back to the early 1990s when people used their own inbuilt server to host their websites.

Here are 16 mind-blowing facts you should know about web hosting.

  1. The world’s first web host company was Concentric, later renamed as XO Communications.
  2. In 1995, Hostmonster and BlueHost were the only two companies to offer web hosting packages to the general public
  3. The first web server was launched on August 6th, 1991.
  4. Over 50% of websites are hosted on either Apache or Nginx, which are both open-source web servers.
  5. Websites hosted in Hostgator accounts for 1% of world’s total website traffic
  6. GoDaddy (17M hostnames) and 1and1 (10M hostnames) accounts up to 16% of the 168M hostnames surveyed in May 2008)
  7. 24/7 support is a myth. Support is difficult to get and often insufficient.
  8. Many web hosting plans come with “hidden costs.”
  9. Although they lure customers with “money back guarantee” schemes, but in case you were not satisfied, web hosting companies can avoid refunding back your money or simply prolong it.
  10. Web hosting companies oversell their servers, especially shared web hosting, which results in poor performance, longer server downtime, and regular setbacks.
  11. Most of the webs hosting companies are in fact web resellers – a middleman who sits between you and the real web hosting company – who don’t have time to fix your problems, or even if they do, your requests are dealt after a long time.
  12. The promise of unlimited web space and bandwidth is a hoax. They understand the most newbie users don’t use as much space and bandwidth they would require when they sign up for a new account as they would later when their site becomes very popular and drives hundreds of traffic a day.
  13. A good shared web hosting is found under $5, which is less than an XXL Coffee at Starbucks.
  14. 99% uptime is already 10 minutes downtime per week
  15. If your site is loading slower than a half second, you are already losing visitors and customers
  16. If you are getting 24/7 customer support, you are going to solve your problems sooner than later.

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