So you were looking on how to increase your Facebook page likes, probably in the range of 10K, within a month? Well, read my reply for this!

Well, some people would suggest you to increase FB like by visiting some websites, which I totally disagree. There are other genuine and out-of-the-box methods to increase FB likes

Here are some ways to generate more Facebook likes for free:

1. Run a free contest on your site

You can run some type of content on your website/blog, like offering your visitors FREE goodies, like eBooks or a “How to” guide on a topic they might be interested in, and ask them the “LIKE” your Facebook Fan page before giving them a download link.

Alternately, you can run a content (what most big companies do) by offering a certain discount when you reach a target amount of “X” FB likes in, let’s say, “X” days. Try this method as it always works for me to get more Facebook likes for mysite.

The first 1000 likes are really crucial.

So it’s better idea for you to pay from a genuine provider. Again, ensure that each likes are from REAL visitors, though. Remember, only genuine likes from real people will help build your site’s popularity and prevent you from risking your FB account, too.

2. Use pictures on Facebook posts

A recent study conducted by AMEX Open Forum revealed that Facebook posts that include feature images gets up to 39% higher rates of engagement than any other types of content out there.

So, share your own pictures, from people who you follow, and from those you source (Flickr images from Creative Commons section) in order to build a viral-style Facebook updates.

3. Keep your Facebook posts SHORT

The same study by AMEX Open Forum revealed another shocking engagement factor that all web businesses MUST be aware of – short posts, those with 80 characters or less, receive 23% higher rates of interaction than longer posts.

So, do yourself a favor – keep things simple and short to boost your site/blog engagement.

4. Ask a question

Likewise, try to post random question to your Facebook page. You don’t always have to make it relevant to your brand or marketing objectives. Instead, post something funny or anything your fans will respond to.

For example, posting an interesting questions like, “If you could had everything in life, who would you be and why?” could lead to more likes, clicks, and fans talking about it.

5. Run a caption contests

Running a successful Facebook marketing campaign means building a deeper connection with your followers and your brand. Most FB users follow brands they care about, but only give their priority to interact with a selected few.

So, if you want to take your follower’s engagement to the next level with your brand, then you’ve got them to comment on your FB updates. And one of the simplest ways to achieve that is to run a caption contest.

You could, for example, post a silly (funny) picture, and ask your followers to give it a caption. Give a prize to the best submission. Not only it’s fun and easy to collect Facebook like to your site, but it involves low commitment on the part of your Facebook fans.

6. Post updates on current events

Other than regular FB updates, it’s also good idea to try a status updates that relates to a current event such as major sports game, upcoming holiday, a music concert, or any other newsworthy item.

Not only this simple strategy help you gain more readers, you can also gain a significant amount of extra Facebook likes, particularly when your updates are features in “Posted About” groupings that usually display on your fan’s news feeds.

7. Share interesting, positive, and funny quotes

Everyone, now and then, loves to feel good about themselves and the place they live in. Positive quotes, for example, provoke positive action from visitors beyond just a few moments of warm and fuzzy feelings.

The main point you need to understand that Facebook users don’t just love to read positive quotes, or funny jokes, or interesting thoughts! They LOVE to share them, too.

Try this method for yourself by finding an inspirational quote that strikes you and then use PicMonkey to that into an artful image you can find on creative common section of Flickr. Post your final creation as a Facebook update and see if your engagement will skyrocket or not! J

8. Stay AWAY from URL shorteners

According to a recent study conducted by Buddy Media, Facebook post engagement were 3 times HIGHER when full URL to the post was included, compared with a shortened URL (like the ones you create using

Unless you absolutely have to use short URLs – probably as you’re marketing long URLs having tons of characters – use a brand-specific URL shortener instead.

9. Know when to post

Knowing what to post is very important, but having knowledge on when Facebook are mostly receptive to your updates is even more important to increase Facebook fan engagement.

Recently, Social Media Examiner compiles some interesting data that revealed some shocking trends on Facebook users, like:

  1. The most profitable time to post an update on Facebook in between 1 and 3 pm – 3pm on Wednesday to be exact.
  2. Updates posted beyond 8 am in the morning and 8 in the evening were less likely is shared.
  3. On Thursdays and Fridays, Facebook engagement rates seem to increase by 18%.
  4. Similarly, FB posts shared on Saturdays and Sundays get more “Likes.”

So, if you’re just starting out with Facebook marketing, the above framework should give you a rough timeline for you to boost your Facebook fan engagement with your FB status updates!

10. Understand the “lifespan” of your Facebook updates

Each updates has a certain amount of “lifespan” – time it will remain on its follower’s news feed (typically around 3 hours). So, if you post Facebook updates more frequently than its lifespan, you not only risk annoying your fans with excessive amount of updates, but also lead to decrease in engagement.

If you want to find the lifespan of your Facebook posts, you will require a tool like Edgerank Checker Pro. Even though it will cost you $15 per month to use their services, you can still utilize its FREE two-week trial to figure out whether the data generated through it really makes a HUGE difference in your Facebook marketing efforts.

11. Place a “Like box” on your site/blog

Pretty straight forward and most bloggers out there are using this. If you’re staring out blogging or using Facebook as a marketing tool, then having a “Like Box” is very important for several reasons.

First of all, simply using a Facebook logo for people to click on it and like your page is cumbersome. There’s too many actions involved. Instead when you use “Like Box”, your visitors only have to click once to like your FB page. Simple, isn’t it?

Second, the plugin is FREE and you can embed in your site within minutes. Plus, you can also choose to display faces of your fans, making it more personal and social-friendly, which Google recommends.

12. Ask for it, stupid!

Ask, and you shall have it! It’s good idea to always ask your Facebook people for the result you want to see. The study cited by Buddy Media earlier found that when you use specific words like “comment,” “buy,” “post,” “like,” “tell us”, “submit,” all lead to higher level of visitor’s engagement. Don’t OVER do it and you’ll be fine! J

13. Be original, eccentric, YOURSELF

Like any other social media sites, Facebook isn’t a place where you brand yourself with marketing jargon. Instead, you just be yourself there!

You can be eccentric, wacky, a little bit of “YOU.”

Listen, your fans come to your Facebook page in order to relax and feel comfortable. You are far more likely to engage them when you aren’t trying to brand yourself in every post you update.

Just remember there’s a thin line between being quirky and weird. Watch out for your Facebook engagement metrics in order to figure out what works and what falls flat. J

14. Ask yourself: Would I share it?

In order to improve your Facebook engagement, you need to utilize your common sense. You can use all those golden rules and guidelines to properly increase FB engagement, but if your posts come across as dry and formulaic, you won’t get anywhere with your posts and your fans.

To stay away from this, ask yourself, “Would I want to share this?” before publishing anything on your FB page. If the answer is, “No way,” then you need to head back to your board and come back with something better.

15. Reply to others responses quickly

When it comes to Facebook “engagement,” keep in mind that it isn’t just about posting fun stuffs and getting more “Likes.” It’s also encouraging a two-way communication channel, meaning if someone takes a time to like, share, and comment to your updates, you need to be ready to respond them as quickly as possible.

In social media word, response time really matters. So, check your FB profile once a day and respond to others whenever possible to prevent you appearing as an unengaged person.

16. Post updates regularly

On the same note, DON’T post an interesting post several times a day and then vanish for a week or two. Remember, when it comes to building FB engagement, consistency is the key as you want your followers to get used to seeing you in their news feeds.

So if you can’t even commit to posting a blog or updates on your FB page, at least a day, then you can use a tool like Buffer App to post all of your updates automatically for you.

17. Be human as well a business person

Lastly, you need to remember that your Facebook updates always has to have that personal tough in order to make it more effective. Your followers wants to hear about YOU (your business and its news), but they also want some personal touch from you. Finding that balance can be a little bit challenging at first, but it’s worth the effort in order to achieve the highest possible FB engagement.

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