17 Interesting Domain Name Facts to Blow Your Mind

blow your mind with these 17 domain name facts
blow your mind with these 17 domain name facts

You probably already know what domain name is and why it is important to have your own domain name.

Today, I got little bit curious and decided to compile a list of interesting facts about domain names that, I hope, will blow your mind.

Here are 17 interesting facts about domain names that will stick in your mind forever:

1) The first domain name ever registered

The first registered domain name was Symbolics.com. It was registered on March 15, 1985.

2) Domain were free until 1995

Did you know that domain name registration were free until 1995?

You heard that right. Then, in 1995, Network Solutions were granted the authority to charge for domain names.

The price of registering two domain names was $100, which dropped to $70 in 1997. Since then, the price for domain name has been falling ever.

3) The most expensive TLD ever

The most expensive TLD, the Nigerian domain extention (“.ng”), cost $40,000 per year to register.

4) The most expensive domain ever sold

The most expensive domain name was VacationRentals.com which was sold for a whopping $35 million in 2007.

5) Sorry to say, bull all 3-character domains are taken

Did you know that all 3-character domain names are already taken?

They are very popular because they are so easy to remember. But today it is impossible to find a 3-character domain name, and purchasing them could be quite expensive.

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6) The most number of domain registered by a single person

Mike Mann registered 14,962 domain names in a single day – a Guiness world records. He says, “I am greedy. I want to own the world!” when asked why he registered so many domain names.

7) Soviet Union is still popular online

You can still register for a Soviet Union domain.

Although today Soviet Union is nowhere on the map, unless it was printed before 1991, the state’s domain name presence still there with “.su” TLD.

Despite Soviet Union’s demise, the registration of “.su” still continues to grow.

8. Utube.com domain crashed because of YouTube

YouTube was registered on February 14, 2005. The video sharing social network was confused with Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment, whose domain “Utube.com” was overwhelmed by traffic that their server crashed.

9. Domain names with char “A” repeated in any succession is unavailable

Just like 3-character domain names, domain names with the character “A” repeated in any succession is registered.

10. The average length of most domain names

The average lengths of most domain names are 11 characters long. This is because most words in English start with the letter S.

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11. The 63 character long domain names

Most domain names can no longer be 63 characters long.

This is the standard length of most popular TLDs and country domain names as well.

12. The world’s longest domain name

The longest domain names in the word is http://www.llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch.com/

13. Domain names you cannot register

Domain names such as example.com and example.org can be registered by anyone.

These two domain names are reserved for testing purposes.

Test.com, example.com, invalid.com, and localhost.com cannot be registered.

14. The world’s shortest domain name

The world’s shortest domain name is http://www.g.cn/.

which is owned by Google to help their Chinese users to find Google at ease.

15. Other million dollar domain names that are worth the mention.

Sex.com was sold for a whopping $14 million, followed by fund.com ($9 million) and porn.com ($9.5 million). Business.com has a price tag of $350 million.

16. Domain names for male name are not available anymore!

All domain names for male names are registered, though there are still few domain names available for girls’ name.

The most common female name domain names are very expensive.

17. The most popular TLD ever!

Dot com has the highest rate of registration followed by dot cn (China).

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Over to you:

Which domain names did you find the most interesting? Do you have some interesting domain name facts to share? Please comment below!

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