If you don’t know the golden rules of affiliate marketing, then keep on reading as, like with everything else, niche research also follows few basic rules. In fact, these rules were always there.

In fact, many successful affiliate marketers have been using them. That also means that you already know about them, or heard someone talk about them, somewhere, but you failed to grasp the idea.

Let me tell you something, the whole affiliate marketing technique depends upon this sole factor. So, as an ACE affiliate marketer, you should not only know about these golden rules, but also understand their significance.

Here are 3 golden rules of affiliate marketing:

1. Never Promote Products

never promote products, recommend it
never promote products, recommend it

That’s right, and if you have to, simply copy and paste it – on the sticker note or somewhere you will see often – before repeating them out loud, every day.

As an ACE affiliate marketer, my job is not to promote any products, unless they are being searched by their name.

2. Go for ‘Targeted’ Keywords

go for targeted keywords
go for targeted keywords

As an ACE affiliate marketer, you can go after targeted keywords, and not the product name keywords. For example, in a weight loss niche, you can go after the targeted keyword “weight loss guide” to promote, let’s say, one of your e-books on weight loss.

It’s good to go after targeted keyword because you’ll get conversions. In fact, you’ll get high conversion, but as the golden rules of niche research suggest, stick to the product name keyword as:

  1. The keyword is just too broad, and not specific
  2. As a result, you’ll likely face and compete with many other affiliate marketers selling any other weight loss guide
  3. That means, you’ll likely have to do a LOT to rank against all these generic affiliates
  4. And finally, you don’t have to go that way

3. Go for Product Name Keywords

go for product name keywords
go for product name keywords

Instead of spending a lot of time on ranking well for targeted keywords, I would highly suggest you to go after product name keywords, Proactive Weight Loss Guide for example.

This way, you’ll only be competing against that particular group of affiliates as the niche is specific than the previous one, which was broad and generic.

Here are few reasons why you should go after product name keywords:

  1. The more specific the niche, less competitors you’ll find, and easier to rank as well
  2. The conversions are very high for product name keywords
  3. The conversion is high as people already know about the product – its name, price, size, color, and most importantly, they have probably been already pre-sold

Your task, as an ACE affiliate marketer, becomes even easier when you’re after product name keywords rather than general keywords, like “best weight loss guide”, “best weight loss reviews”, or “cheap weight loss guide”.

These generic keywords not only seem obscure, but they also don’t reveal too much about the product, and although they might have relatively low competition, you’re not likely to get more conversion out of them.

These are the golden rules of affiliate marketing that you need always remember – never promote product, go after targeted keywords only if there are no products, however, stick to product name keyword.

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