5 Best Blog Name Generator for SMART People

Are you starting a blog? Then it is very crucial that you have a creative – not to mention SEO-friendly – blog name (or domain) that will drive more traffic to your site.

In this post, I will tell you what is blog name generator, why it is important, and I will also list top 5 name generator for your blog or site, and finally give you few helpful tips on how to use these amazing free tool.

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Why is blog name generator important

  1. First, it’s a free tool so that you can use it as many times as you want
  2. Second, best blog name generators (listed below) will help you find the best blog name using synonyms, prefixes, suffixes, new TLDs, and short URLs.
  3. You could spend number of hours in front of your screen finding the ‘right’ name for your business blog, but not find it. However, best blog name generators available online (see the list below) will give you plenty of suitable blog name options in an instant.
  4. Best blog name generators are simple to use and offers the best results (names or domain names) for your blog and site.

What is blog name generator

Blog name generators are tools to help you find the best name for your blog or site. There are tons of blog name generators out there online, some are free while others are paid; not to mention not all of them are the best.

Last few weeks, I have been testing many of those blog name generators myself for my small niche sites and I have narrowed it down to only few that delivers the best results and are very simple to use. Here are some of the best blog name generator that are free, simple to use, and offers the best blog/ domain name for your online business.

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My Top 5 Best Blog Name Generators:

1. NameMesh

NameMesh blog name generator
NameMesh blog name generator

While searching for the best blog name generator, I stumbled across NameMesh. This tools was very simple to use. All I had to do was insert few keywords in the search box and it would list me more than hundred different combination in an instant, categorized as “common,” “new,” “short,” “extra,” “fun,” “mix,” and “similar.”

Available domain names are highlighted with dark green text colors. I should say NameMesh really is probably one of my best blog name generators out there on the net.

It also allows you to select domain name registrars from the drop down menu so that you can directly register the domain from your favorite domain name provider.

Link: NameMesh
Free: Yes

2. Spinxo

Spinxo blog name generator
Spinxo blog name generator

After searching for few minutes, I stumbled across Spinxo which is a free online tool that generates cool names for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and of course for business blogs.

This blog name generator automatically generates 30 random names for you, but if you want something unique, you can insert few keywords in the search box and click the ‘Spin’ button, and it will generate a fresh set of blog names for you. Of course, not all names are cool, but you will definitely find few names that would suit your blog or site.

Link: SpinXo
Free: Yes

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3. LeanDomainSearch

LeanDomainSearch blog name generator
LeanDomainSearch blog name generator

LeanDomainSearch was difficult for me to find on the internet, however, I stumbled across this site through another blog name generator post. After running out of best blog name generator, I decided to see if this tool was anything near few of the above tools, and I was surprised.

I simply typed a keyword phrase “seo writing” and it displayed more than 4,900 available domain names in an instant (1.67 seconds). And the name suggestions are very meaningful and relevant to your keywords. For example, I recieved blog name suggestions such as “MySeoWriting”, “SEOWritingOnline,” “SEOWritingWeb,” “SEOWritingWorld,” “AllSEOWriting,” “SuperSEOWriting,” among other names, which I think are suitable for business blog that wants to target specific keywords into their domain names but don’t know how.

Best thing: No registration is needed. Simple and easy to use search engine.

Link: LeanDomainSearch
Free: Yes

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4. Panabee

Panabee blog name generator
Panabee blog name generator

Panabee was another free blog name generator that was difficult for me to find but it was worth all the hard work finding it. As soon as I entered the site, I saw the search feature with the text that said, “Describe your idea in two words (e.g. cool picture)”. That was very great feature and I immediately knew what I had to do: insert two keyword ideas and get cool blog name for my site.

I entered “Love” and “Sex” as my two ideas and hit the “Search” button, and on the second page, was listed with awesome blog names such as “lovesexuality,” “lovesexific,” “lozsex,” “lovesexoid,” among others.

I think these names are wonderful to get started and not only will include my root keywords but also make my domain look fun, memorable, and exciting.

Link: Panabee
Free: Yes

5. NameStation

NameStation blog name generator
NameStation blog name generator

NameStation blog name generator tool was found on the 3rd page of Google. I almost skipped this site, but I have to say it is definitely a must have tool to generate “cute” blog names for your business blogs or sites.

The website is easy to use. At the top of the page, there is a blog name generator search box that lets your instantly find what you are looking for.

NameStation also lists available domain names for you that have really cute names that could easily suit an online magazine or a news site. For example, I saw names like “HomeFunBlog.com”, “FirstVersailles.com”, “PoshHole.com”, ShackHackers.com”, “Blogesture.com,” “HutHacker.com” names without doing anything. I mean, they may not have anything to do with my blog or business, but they have a catchy name.

You will have to login (or sign up) before you can use the blog name search feature. That’s the only drawback of this tool.

Link: NameStation
Free: Yes

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“Bonus” Blog Name Generator Tools

Besides these free and simple to use blog name generators, I have also included few more free online tools to help you find a ‘custom’ blog name for your online business.

6. Domainsbot

DomainsBot blog name generator
DomainsBot blog name generator

Suggests blog names with all kinds of domain name extentions, such as “domain.paris,” “domain.help”, “domain.beer,” “domain.guide,” among others, which could be really great if you are targeting some local clients or specific niche.

Link: DomainsBot
Free: Yes

7.  Domainr

Domainr blog name generator
Domainr blog name generator

I cam across Domainr through another blog post, not from the search engine. I don’t know why they don’t show up in search engines because it makes it difficult to find because I realize it is very handy.

The blog name search interface is simple to use and fast. Just enter couple of keywords and it will list really interesting names for you. For instance, I entered “abi writes” for my own personal blog, and it displayed cool names such as “abiwrit.es,” “abiwr.it,” “a.bi”, which are really something to look forward to.

Link: Domainr
Free: Yes

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Tips on How to Get Maximum Out of These Blog Name Generators?

Well, that depends on why you want to use blog names for. If your main goal is to rank higher for specific keywords, go ahead and insert keywords into one of these blog name generators – NameMesh and LeanDomainSearch – and use the name that fits your site or blog. However, if your main focus is to find creative (catchy) blog names, then try out sites like Domainr and Panabee.


Final Thoughts on Best Blog Name Generator

Now that you have the world’s best blog name generators at your hand, all you need to do is determine your main purpose, visit one of these blog name generator sites, and just enter your ideas to get awesome names that will help make your blog stand out from the crowd.

Please comment below if you have any thoughts on this list of blog name generators.

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