5 Deadly Web Hosting Mistakes to Avoid

5 common web hosting mistakes to avoid image
5 common web hosting mistakes to avoid image
  • There are currently 966 million websites in the world today.
  • Only 44% of web traffic is from humans; a massive 56% of web traffic is from bots, impersonators, hacking tools, scrapers and spammers.
  • Google is the #1 most popular website in the world, followed by Facebook and YouTube.

If you’re like many other entrepreneurs, you make most of your income through your website. But when there is constant web hosting issues, then it can hurt your ROIs. No one wants to host their website on a web host company that goes down without warning their users, takes almost forever to solve problems, overcharges extra fees, and fail to protect your site.

This issues usually arise when one purchase a web host out of hurry, rather than curiosity. They buy the first great looking web host that seems to offer all. But these people realize the web host they went after lack in other aspect of web hosting – for example, they may have a great bandwidth and space offers but has a poor customer support.

Let us discuss 5 common web hosting mistakes you can avoid:

5 Common Web Hosting Mistakes to Avoid At All Cost

1) Not Reading Web Hosting Reviews

web hosting mistakes to avoid image
web hosting mistakes to avoid image

You arrived at a web hosting company and their web hosting packages seems to good to be true: this should raise a “red” flag to you. And even if their offerings seems to genuine and valid, you should still make sure to check their reviews.

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My web hosting reviews, unlike other reviews found on the Internet, is based on first-hand experience from technical savvy that actually used the particular web hosting company.

This is very important because a lot of reviews you read on the Internet are filled with fake positive reviews. The wrong information will leave you confused as to what is real and what is marketing gimmicks from the company.

While reading reviews, make sure to look for these red flags, or complaints:

  1. Feedbacks about customer service
  2. Complaints about down time
  3. Complaints about viruses or any security issues

Or, you could also search the internet with queries such as “complaints against ABC hosting company” or “blog post review of ABC hosting company”. More likely, you will quickly find if the reviews were written by the company or if they were a paid review, and quickly remove these reviews from the genuine ones.

2) Looking for “Best/Top Web Hosts”

top web hosting mistakes image
top web hosting mistakes image

The Internet, with bad luck, is filled with all kinds of information: genuine and fake. That means there are people on the web who are only after your hard-earned money; for money, they can do anything. These are the same people who are website owners of so-called “Top Web Hosts” or “Best Web Host Review” review sites.

This is how they make money: they create a list of top 10 web hosts, which are often shared web hosts, that offer them highest commission for each new sign-up referred by them. So surely, you are most likely to find sites that offer fake reviews.

Instead of visiting those top10 websites containing reviews with tons affiliate links, visit forums and sites that offer “real” web hosting reviews. Personally, I recommend you to visit WebHostingTalk (WHT) to check web hosting reviews before purchasing a web host package. WHT are considered the most trusted community of web hosting experts. Just make sure to consult with the guys at WHT before closing in on a particular web hosting company, and you will never go wrong.

3) Going for the “FREE” Web Host

5 common web hosting mistakes to avoid
5 common web hosting mistakes to avoid

Surely, a free web hosting sounds a great deal for your wallet – after all, who doesn’t want to free stuffs, right? Wrong! While it may sound great for a while, you’re quite not sure what you are getting into. These are common problems one is likely to encounter when going after free web hosting company:

  1. A free web host places much 3rd party advertisement on your site, distracting your readers from actual content.
  2. You may also notice slow loading speed of your site.
  3. You may not be able to upgrade your website as your site grows. You have to stay limited in space, bandwidth, and other features, which eventually push you to look for another web hosting company.
  4. Your free web hosting may not support certain scripts, programming language, or CMS.
  5. Your website on free web host may not even display higher in search engine results, as search engines do not trust these sites.

One example of free web hosting: WordPress.com. Although WordPress is the most popular and reliable blog building platform available for users, the free web hosting option actually is quite limiting: ads are placed on your site, space and bandwidth is limited (only good for new/unpopular sites, not for site getting more than 100 visitors a day).

In short, you will sacrifice a lot in terms of control of your site, which will eventually lead to poor quality service that will cost your time, energy, and money down the road.

4) Placing Price Over Everything Else

website hosting tips 2016 image
website hosting tips 2016 image

Many people place price as the main factor when choosing for a web host. Of course, cheap web host packages are comfortable with your wallet, but there is also a huge difference between a ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’.

If you cannot even afford a small amount of money for a decent web host, expect not to get decent services as well. Prices such as $1 and $2 per month are way too cheap for any type of hosting. If the web hosting companies offered what they claim to offer for such lower prices, don’t you think they would be better off selling coffee than offering web hosting services? Anything less than $5 is ‘cheap’.

On the other hand, web hosting companies such as InMotion Hosting ask for more money for their ‘premium’ web hosting plans that are filled with industry-leading features. And if these features are useful for you, then that extra money would be spent well.

Another thing: In case you didn’t like a ‘cheap’ web hosting package, you will most likely not get your refund. Better read their TOS and choose a payment type – PayPal or Credit card – that will get your money back.

5) Not Paying Attention to Restrictions

website hosting tips 2015 image
website hosting tips 2015 image

If you are on a web host landing page with plans that seems too good to be true, most likely it would be true. That doesn’t mean the company is lying to you; it may be just that it looks awesome on the surface but there is more than that meets the eye.

For instance, they claim to offer you “unlimited” bandwidth, but when you look closer, you’ll find that “unlimited” is actually not “unlimited” but comes with some limiting factors.

For instance, as you start to approach a certain bandwidth limit, the web host company may start to slow your site down

Other restrictions to look out for:

  1. No SSH
  2. No installation options of your own software
  3. No multiple POP accounts

You won’t find these restrictions clearly stated on their web hosting packages. You will have to do your own research by calling them, visiting their site, and talking to one of their reps for more information.

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