5 easy ways to be a better blogger

5 easy ways to be a better blogger

It can be really difficult to stare at a blank screen and trying to find ways to start writing a blog post.

I’ve been there thousands of times, before.

In 2017, I made a new resolution to really kick start my blog. Maybe, you have set that goal for yourself, too.

And the moment has already come.

If you are struggling for ideas or even words, do not fear!

Here are few quick tips that you will help you overcome your writer’s block and kick-start your blog into high gear, almost overnight!

1. Set up a “vertical file”

Remember those days in your school library, when you were introduced to an organizational system called the “vertical file?”

It’s just a folder where you place important information worth saving, such as newspaper and magazine articles.

Why don’t you set up a similar system for you, too?

It is easy to do. All you have to do is bookmark your favorite articles and clip them out of publications.

Then later, when you’re running out of ideas or looking for some inspiration for your next blog topic, all you have to do is quickly refer to your vertical file.

And, you can say “Goodbye” to your writer’s block, forever.

2. Talk about it with your colleague

Write an email to your office’s colleague, or even have a chat about an idea you are thinking about for a new blog post.

Explain your process and seek for feedback.

As you’re both chatting, make sure to take down notes on a piece of paper.

Through these feedbacks, you’ll find some interesting insights.

For example, sometimes, you’ll find that your idea isn’t really workable, or you may not have been considering so many other dimensions.

And, not surprisingly, you may also find yourself now getting interested in a completely different topic that actually popped up during that small chat.

3. Connect with your audience, please

Writing a blog post is all about connecting to your targeted audience. Industry-speak, for the programmers or the lawyers, is often unclear to the lay person.

If you’re not sure whether your blog post connects with your intended audience – of course, not with your co-workers – find one of your own family members to read your draft.

Then, ask if they understood the points.

If they did not, break down everything you’re saying – and even better, record yourself when doing so. (You can use the recorder app on your Smartphone.)

The point of doing this simple exercise is to write your blog post in a warm, friendly, and conversational tone that can be easily understood and consume by your audience along with the beverage of their choice.

4. Highlight the bottom line

There’s a reason why Bloomberg Businessweek is one of my favorite publications.

Their website has many sections with quick-take articles.

Each of these articles ends with a 1 or 2 sentence that summarizes the whole preceding text.

Your important points have to be written at the beginning and reinforced at the end.

5. Keep updating your blog posts, always

Developing new stories to your existing blog posts will provide ideal opportunities for more follow-ups.

So, keep on engaging and informing your readers.

Remember – you can quickly go over to your previous posts and add key clarifications and updates into the text and provide more valuable content.

When you say, “I’ll keep an eye on this situation,” make sure you actually do so!

BONUS Keep it short and simple

Blog posts, such as this one, are best because they are short, simple and straightforward.

To cut through the fluffy and dive straight into the core points, use an editor – or more importantly, edit manually.

Just because you CAN publish any amount of items on your blog doesn’t mean that you SHOULD.

You want to stay away from the feared “TLDR” designation – too long, didn’t read.

So, let’s get started blogging!

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