5 Effective Ways to Find the Best Web Host

how to find a best web host image
how to find a best web host image

Having a difficulty finding the best web hosting? We understand your problem: There are over 100 web host companies out there, everyone promising the “moon” but you are never sure about it.

So, what should your selection criteria be?

How shall you decide which web host is best for your website needs?

Finding the best web host is just like finding a best friend. You need to know what you are looking after, know that it provides enough of what you need, ensure they are reliable and are trustworthy and comes with a great price that you can afford, and that you can always turn back on them for support.

Here are top tips on finding the best web host for your site:

1) Know your hosting requirements

Know your hosting requirements
Know your hosting requirements

First of all, you need to take care is to your own needs. That means jotting down all the tiny details and requirements on a piece of paper so that you can refer back, and see if any web host fulfills your needs.

In short, you are looking for: “What kind of site am I building, and which web hosts will fulfill all my needs the most.”

If you are a blogger, for example, you might need a CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal CMS to develop your website. If you are running a retail store, a web host that provides a complete eCommerce solution with shopping cart and PayPal integration features is best for you.

In addition, consider:

  • Do you already have a website that gets tons of website traffic, or are you looking to build a site from scratch?
  • Technology you will be using: PHP, dotNET, or a simple HTML website?
  • Do you need database to display dynamic content? For e.g. a discussion forum for your membership site?
  • Special script that may require to run your site smoothly?

2) Enough bandwidth and space

Know your bandwidth requirements
Know your bandwidth requirements

In order to function your website smoothly, two resources must be available adequately for you: web space and bandwidth. For this, you must look for a web host that offers you plenty of web space (disk space on server) to host all of your files, data, videos, and images.

Similarly, enough bandwidth has to be allocated for your website so that no matter how many website visitors come to your site, it will be ensured that they will always be able to access your site from the Internet quickly.

Therefore, having a properly functioning and fast website is highly crucial. So I highly recommend that you get started with a web host that provides shared web hosting.

3) Look for a Reliable Web Host

Go for reliable web host
Go for reliable web host

This is another most important issue that you need to take care of. Your site will be online and running 24/7 for your visitors, which means you will have to look for a web host that offers you the best sever “uptime.”

A reliable web host offers their customers with the best server uptime (up to 99.9%). But web server uptime must not only be the criteria to look for while determining the reliability of the web host.

In addition to server uptime, you should also consider its processing power, data and server security features, backup mechanisms, and other things.

4) Great Web Hosting Price

Consider the web host pricings
Consider the web host pricings

Different pricings are available for different web hosting types (shared, dedicated, and VPS), however, the best price does not always mean “the cheaper the better.”

The shared web hosting is the cheapest; the dedicated web servers are most expensive ones, while the VPS (virtual private server) solution is between the other two web host types. (Click here to find cheap web hosts.)

Often, shared web hosting is best for personal websites and small to medium websites. Their unlimited website package is what you should always go after. VPS or dedicated server is best suited for medium to large and complex businesses where they get a lot of traffic.

But, remember one thing: You can always start from the small (get shared hosting first), and then, upgrade to a higher web hosting solution when you require more features.

5) Fast and Excellent Customer Support

Consider the web host customer support
Consider the web host customer support

Customer support is another important criterion you should consider before settling for a web host. When you have a website, you will come across a lot of technical problems: slow internet connections, database and scripts crashes, name servers and emails not working, and malware and other attacks, etc.

In most of these situations, you do not need to worry about too much because your website developer will fix most of the issues that occur in the client side, while technical staffs of your web host will fixe issues on the web server side.

Nonetheless, unexpected issues will often and always occur. So, if you do not have a strong technical background, having a technical support team that can fix all of those web host related issues can be of great value to you.

Today, many good web host companies provide excellent 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, email, and support tickets. They can assist you from how to change your name servers to how to integrate PayPal system into your online store.

Remember, not all technical support are included in the web hosting package for free. So, you should contact your web host for more details on this.

Conclusion – 5 Tips on Finding the Best Web Hosting for Your Site

The above 5 tips on finding the best web hosting provider can assist you to find the ‘right’ web hosting plan. However, these should not always be the selection criteria for your purchasing decisions. In addition to these web host selection criteria, you should also consider other aspects, namely payment types, server locations, among others.

Over to you:

Which web hosting are you using? Why did you choose to host your website with them? Please comment below.


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