5 Free Keyword Suggestion Tool for Website

Choosing the right set of keywords is vital to online success in terms of driving plenty of targeted traffic and increase online sales. Thanks to the Internet, small business owners have access to some of the free keyword suggestion tool for website optimization and get in front of their potential customers.

In addition to generating keyword ideas for your page/post(s), the following free keyword suggestion tool for website will also allow you study each keyword’s strength in terms of its ranking capability, search volume, and how it compares against other similar search phrases.

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Here are 5 free keyword suggestion tools for website optimization:


This free keyword suggestion tool makes good use of Google Suggest tool and many other services to give you keyword ideas.

Just type your short tail keyword (head/root term) in the search box, choose a language and specify the source, and Ubersuggest will generate keyword ideas through regular web search or populate fresh set of keywords through search verticals like shopping sites, new and video sharing directories, among others.

Ubersuggest adds a letter both in front and after your base search term (short tail keyword), and extracts keyword suggestion for you. You can then click on each keywords to get even further suggestions. Very convenient, isn’t it?


Keywords are the foundation of internet marketing. Therefore, it is important that you find proper keywords, profitable keywords to be exact, to optimize your site and its content so that you can quickly get in the 1st page of Google and get the amount of traffic you need to boost online sales.

Don’t know which keywords you must target to get high ROI? Don’t worry as WebConf’s free keyword suggestion tool for website will look at your website URL and tries to determine the themes of your site and offers a list of keyword phrases along with its search volume.

You can use these keywords to optimize your site (web pages) and page/post(s) around it. Talk about convenience, folks …! J

Submit Express

If you’re still struggling to find keywords that will profit you, drive your site higher in search engine pages, bring plenty of targeted traffic, and boost online sales, you’ll probably need to try Submit Express – a free keyword suggestion tool for website optimization.

Enter your head term (short tail keyword) and click on “Submit” button, and Submit Express will immediately show how popular your keywords are based on its search volume. This free keyword suggestion tool for website utilizes two other powerful keyword tools – WordTracker and Keyword Discovery – to find best keywords for your niche website. You can search up to 15 keywords daily, enough to get you started.

Keyword Planner Tool

Google recently rolled out Keyword Planner, a free keyword suggestion tool for website owners to find keyword ideas as well as find out their traffic estimates so that it become easier to devise a SEO campaigns during marketing their business.

Use Keyword Planner tool to find new set of keyword ideas for blog topics, page, ad copies, and also get to know their performance.

In order to use Keyword Planner, you’ll need to open a free account with Google. If you’re using Gmail, or Dropbox, or Google Hangouts, you already have an account with Google. Once you’re logged in, visit Keyword Planner, type your head terms in the search box and get fresh set of keywords you may have missed using all the above free keyword suggestion tool for website.


Don’t know which keywords are performing better than others? Simply use WordTracker’s free keyword suggestion tool for website and unleash additional gem of keyword ideas to target for your SEO campaign.

WordTracker tool is very handy when it comes to getting keyword ideas that you can rely. Not only you’ll save plenty of time and energy trying to find high performing keywords, you’ll also discover profitable new niche markets and attract highly targeted traffic to your site.

WordTracker comes with a 7-day free trial.

Each head keyword search reveals up to 200-300 related keyword phrases that most people have typed in search engines, recently.

If you decide to upgrade to WordTracker’s premium paid service, you’ll receive additional free eBooks on SEO and Keyword research tactics, not to mention their helpful video tutorials that will enlighten you in every step of the way.


WordStream is another free keyword suggestion tool for website optimization and to find niche related keyword phrases that will help you enter a very profitable sub-market of a very popular and broad market.

WordStream will automatically find profitable keyword for you search term. Just enter a head term on the search box and hit the “Search” button and the free keyword suggestion tool for website will populate all the relevant results for you search term.

You can use columns data to determine which keywords you want to keep and which one you want to delete by using the “X” button.

You can search for 30 different free searches. Additionally, submit your email address to send the keyword result directly to your inbox for convenience.

Bonus Tool: SEO Centro

Here’s a bonus free keyword suggestion tool for website owners – SEO Centro. With SEO Centro, you can find relevant keyword phrases as well as popular long tail keywords in your niche.

Just enter your head term, access code, and hit the “Submit” button (No need to sign up to use it).

You can also add this free keyword suggestion tool for website on your blog/site.

Conclusion – Free keyword suggestion tool for website

If you’re a small business owner who has just set up a new site or a blog, then it’s very important that you target right set of keywords related to your niche so that when other people search for products and services similar to yours, your web page and posts are displayed in the search engines.

In order to find those profitable and best set of keywords, you’ll need tools to help you save time, effort, and money.

There are plenty of free keyword suggestion tool for website on the Internet, but today we discussed the top 5 keyword tools that you can use for free. Make sure to use each of these tools to find keyword ideas you haven’t targeted before, and optimize your site and content around it to rank higher in search engine pages (SERPs), and bring a flood of organic traffic to boost online sales.

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