5 Free Link Building Tools To Boost Website Rankings

5 free link building tools to boost rankings...
5 free link building tools to boost rankings...

There are many resources and tools available on the Internet, both free and paid, that can help making your link building and SEO campaign more fun (if you reckon link building is any fun that is), effective, and less time consuming.

Here are top 5 free link building tools that will boost your website rankings:

1) Google Keyword Planner Tool

In order to find profitable keywords, you need a solid keyword research tool for your business.

Google Keyword Planner tool is my favorite link-building tools of all time.

Probably, it gives me all the key information of each keyword that I insert into its search system.

It quickly finds and suggests keywords or keyword phrase list for my ‘root’ (or primary) keyword. Also, it gives me the search volume per month and competition of each keyword in that list.

One thing to remember is that Google Keyword Planner automatically does an ‘exact’ phrase match search for you.

Unlike the old Google AdWords Keyword Research tool, you do not have to put brackets around your [keywords].

Performing an exact phrase match displays the exact search term that people type in Google to search for products and services.

Once you have your keyword list, you can save it as “excel” file on your hard drive.

In addition to keyword research, you can use this free link building tool to run PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns on your site. PPC is paid service used to bring traffic to your website.

You can run PPC to ‘test’ whether your keyword or keyword phrase actually generates the number of “searches per month” as displayed on the keyword research tool.

Website Link: Google Keyword Planner Tool

2) Yahoo Developer Network (YDN)

Once you find a list of keywords using a Keyword Planner tool, you will have to check the competition of each keywords to be sure you can outrank your competition.

There are many paid services that allow you do competitive analysis for you (Market Samurai MS, for example).

* MS has a 14-day trial period. You can download the software and use their feature for free! 

However, I personally recommend you use Yahoo Developer Network to check keyword competition.

Here are thing you can do with Yahoo Developer Network to learn about you and your competitions:

  1. Determine the amount of link building you have to perform
  2. Know where your competitors are getting links from, and whether or not you can get links from those sources too.
  3. View all the indexed pages on your site, see how many backlinks each contains, and the number of internal links.

Website Link: Yahoo Site Explorer

3) BacklinkWatch

When performing competitive analysis for each keyword in your list – if you are using Google Keyword Planner tool above – you have to consider three things:

  1. Total number of backlinks the site (competition) has
  2. Where those links are coming from, and
  3. “Anchor text” used to create those backlinks.

For that, I highly recommend you use BacklinkWatch.

Using BacklinkWatch can open your eyes!

You may notice that even if your competition seems to have 1000s of backlinks on their web page or site, they may not have used any “anchor text” for many of those links, which is very good if you want to outrank them.

This type of research will give you a closer estimate of your competition and tell you what you will have to do to rank well for certain specific keywords.

Website Link: BacklinkWatch

4) SEO for Firefox

It would be great if you had a tool that could give you an estimate of the competition – number of backlinks, domain age, page rank (PR), on-page SEO, etc – of each keyword on find using Google Keyword Planner tool.

SEO for Firefox – a free Firefox plugin – can instantly give you those vital details.

Once installed, open your browser, type your keyword in the search box, and press ENTER.

The SEO for Firefox will display all those vital information (number of backlinks, domain age, on-page SEO, PR, etc) about top 10 sites on the 1st page of Google search result page.

Website Link: SEO for Firefox

5) SEO Rank Checker

Many people spend hours trying to find the rankings of each page and site on Google.

SEO Rank Checker is a handy free Firefox plugin that instantly checks your web page or site’s rankings in the search engine results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

You can find rankings for as many keywords as you want and save the keywords in the ‘preset’ so that you can always visit the site back and check your rankings with just a click of a mouse.

This free link-building tool also comes along with SEO for Firefox plugin.

Website Link: SEO Rank Checker

Over to you

What do you think? Do you use any of these free link building tools to boost your website rankings? How do you boost your website rankings? Please comment below!

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