5 Places to Find Images for Your Blog Posts

Using images on blogs is one of several effective ways to attract your readers to read your blog posts. Yes, by inserting “right” images for your web pages or blog posts will help you attract more readers. But for most beginner blogger, using images on blogs from Google is a challenge itself.

Most images are copyright materials of others, and use them without their permission, and then you’ll run a risk of violating copyright laws. You can get around this problem by using images on blog with exchange of credit to the photographer or where it’s taken from.

Alternatively, you can also purchase pictures from Stock photo galleries; however, I still don’t recommend purchasing images every time you write a new blog post on your blog.

Visit these 5 best places to find images to use on your blogs posts, legally:

1. Depositphotos

dp logoVisit Depositphotos to get premium royalty-free stock pictures, vector images, and illustrations. They have millions of pictures in every conceivable category, guaranteeing picture for every type of blogs posts.

For bloggers, Depositphotos offers a “unique” program. They provide free subscription for bloggers to provide them with free high quality images by exchanging a banner ad on their website or writing a review.

2. Photoshop Express

ps logoPhotoshop express is another photo sharing website offering great features most bloggers would enjoy. Officially, it’s an online version of Photoshop – a popular image editing tool. But its 3D gallery lets you share images that you’ve changed by using online image editor.

The only downfall of using Photoshop Express is the bandwidth requirements. To run it smoothly, you definitely require a fast internet connection. But if this isn’t a problem for you, then you’ll absolutely enjoy using Photoshop Express to using images on blogs.

3. Flickr

flickr logoFlickr is still one of the top photo sharing sites in terms of features, audience, and popularity. Although there’s a limitation for storage for free account, many bloggers/writers can still use Flickr as their top photo sharing site for using images on blogs.

Flickr is here to stay as it’s growing every day.

But you can remove the limitation in storage, categories, and images collection by upgrading to its premium account for just $30 a year.

4. Stock.xchng

stockxchng-logoHas a vast expanse of gallery containing over 350,000 stock photos from more than 30,000 photographers. If you don’t want to pay anything right now, just avoid the iStockphoto entries at the search results page.

To filter out unnecessary restrictions, use the advanced search options. The only drawback of using this site is that you need to register for a free account and verify it through email before downloading images. For certain images, you might also require “author” permission.

But overall, I personally recommend using Stock.xchng as they have all sorts of images for your blog posts needs.

5. Stockvault

stock vaultStockvault are designer- and photographer-friendly site that offers over 13,000 free free photos for using images in blogs. The free photo sharing site offers all of its images absolutely free, both for personal and commercial use.

We just covered 5 best places to find using images in blogs.

Over to you!

Tell us where do you find “right” images for your blogs? Comment below and share your thoughts. Every thoughts and ideas are welcome as long as they pertain to using images on blogs.

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