5 proven steps to creating a “killer” blog post

Is your goal to publish a blog post that will capture your reader’s interest?

Then, you need to be slightly creative.

People surfing the Internet like to consume information in small bite-sized servings.

And you need to provide information in small easy to read and digestible form if you want to hold on to your reader’s mind for very long. So, if you didn’t know how to create a catchy blog post, here are 5 easy to follow steps for you to follow:

1. Lead with an interesting title

If you don’t give your reader a hint your blog post is something he or she really needs to stop and read right now, you’re sunk.

Use short phrases which relate to the content you are going to cover in the post, and don’t forget to include a keyword phrase in your title to make it visible to search engines.

2. Use “bullets” (or numbers) in the body of your post

List posts are very popular with online readers, and for good reason.

They are easy for the reader to digest, and many people enjoy reading “best of,” “Top 5″ or “7 Reasons” list articles.

Choosing this type of format gives your blog post some structure and you can use it to educate or entertain the reader, depending on the subject matter.

This type of format can be long or short, which gives you the ultimate flexibility as well.

You can limit your list to less than five items if you wish, or make a Top 100 list if you are feeling particularly ambitious.

3. Make sure you add some “meat” to the body of the post

The middle of your blog post should contain something of value.

This is where you want to get down to something real by using concrete examples, including links to authority sites, news sources or case studies.

If you are making an argument, flesh it out as much as you can. Give you reader something he or she can chew on.

If your post is helping your reader to solve a problem, include step-by-step instructions or a link to more resources in your post.

Think of what you would want to know about this topic if you were in the reader’s place and provide it.

Taking this extra step will go a long way toward making your blog post catchy and making your reader want to stay on your site longer.

4. Add an image (or two)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you will want to make sure that you include at least one of them with your post.

An image which compliments the theme of your text will immediately draw the reader’s eye to your post and will make the Internet user more likely to want to continue reading.

You may want to add a caption to the image to make an even bigger impact.

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5. Invite your readers to share their comments

The idea of having a blog is to establish a sense of community.

One way to make your blog a catchy one is to get your readers to share what they are thinking and have them interact with each other.

You could end your post by asking your readers what they think or if what they would do in a specific situation.

Open up the floor and invite them to share their thoughts and experiences.

You may find the comments are just as catchy as what you have originally written in some cases.

There you have it. 

By simply following these 5 simple steps, you are on your way to creating a catchy blog post, and making your blog STAND OUT from the online crowd.

Readers will seek you out online and visit your blog often.

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