5 Simple Tips for Small Business SEO

5 seo tips to drive more traffic to your business...
5 seo tips to drive more traffic to your business...

Looking for some quick and easy tips for small business SEO?

A professional and attractive looking web design is great for building a strong brand image, however if it doesn’t attract a lot of traffic to it, your business is doomed to fail.

But, if you utilize these 5 simple and quick tips for small business SEO discussed in this article, you’ll rank higher in the search engines.

You will also establish yourself as an industry-expert, entertain your readers, and offer value to build “trust” with them and search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Here are 5 Quick and Simply Tips for Small Business SEO:

Tip #1: Create High Quality Content

Publishing high quality content for small business SEO is very important.

It will help you quickly reach out to your target audience. Quality content offers value, insights, and solves people’s problems.

As a result, site that constantly offer quality content will rank higher over other low quality sites that has content that are stuffed with links, keywords, and unrelated information.

Regularly creating high quality content – useful, informative, and engaging content – is great for small business SEO.

This will because your visitors will not only like, comment, or share it with their peers, but also come back and visit your site for more.

For small business SEO, make sure to post 800 word page/post(s) on your site regularly – at least 3 times a week.

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Tip #2: Create Killer Page Titles/Headers

Killer (effective) titles is a crucial small business SEO tactic to drive massive amount of traffic to your article, and ultimately, to conversion page(s) on your site.

Think about who your audience while writing your article. What worked for one set of visitors may not always work for others.

Just put yourself into your visitor’s shoes and anticipate what they are looking for. Writing in people’s perspective will help you connect with your audience, and as a result, people will keep reading your content.

Make sure to include at least one keyword in your title, but don’t overdo it.

Most importantly, make your title relevant to your content.

People will leave your site and never come back if the titles are misleading. Lastly, make sure every word count. Titles are like poetry, not novels.

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Tip #3: Create ‘Interesting’ Meta Description Tag

Here’s another small business SEO tactic every entrepreneurs must know in order to pull more visitors to their site.

Meta description acts like a back cover of a book that you’d normally browse through to decide whether or not it was worth reading it.

Meta description tag is found inside the <head> section on your website. This gives search engines as well as your visitors a brief insight into the content of the landing page.

While Meta description plays a huge role in search engine ranking of your site.

It also play an important role in small business SEO.

Writing short yet precise information about the landing page will increase the click-through-rate (CTR) from search engines.

This is true as they are used as a description of your web page on search engine result pages (SERPs).

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Tip #4: Interlink Page/Post(s)

How does interlinking help your small business SEO?

Interlinking helps search engine robots to crawl more pages on your site, giving some of your old pages extra link juice to increase its page rank (PR).

In addition, interlinking also decreases the bounce rate of your site as people stay longer and browse more pages if they’re linked properly.

Google loves it when visitors on your site stays longer than only few seconds, and this will eventually help page rankings on your site.

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Tip #5: Generate High Quality Backlinks

Using content marketing strategies to generate high quality backlinks to your site to increase its rankings is probably the most important small business SEO tactic you’ll employ.

It’s a known fact that almost 70% of the search engine rankings depend upon the quality of the backlinks you generate to your site.

Quality of the backlinks means is determined by the variety of sources used, authority of the sites, and its relevance to the topic or niche.

On the other hand, stay away from buying backlinks as it is against the policy of Google SEO guidelines.

In Small business SEO, you need to earn a link.

Content marketing is the most effective ways to gain “earned” links to your site – offer something of value to others and earn a quality link from sites.

For small business SEO, this is the trick of the trade you should learn.

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Conclusion: 5 Quick and Easy Tips for Small Business SEO

Google loves quality sites that offer helpful content for its users.

Why not use this information to your advantage?

Creating high quality content over “spunned” and “duplicate” content is a surefire ways to rank higher in search engine rankings.

Do you want your web pages rank in the top 10 position on search engine result page?

Then apply these 5 quick and easy tips for small business SEO.

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