50 TRAFFIC TRICKS: Trust Me: You’ll be the first curious enough to try #11 on your website.

As a website owner, you may have everything required for you to succeed in an unpredictable business such as affiliate marketing.

You may have a drive that is essential for this field, perseverance, and determination to be able to understand how the system works.

You may even have all the tools to build a WordPress website and maintain it that could easily make you a significant fortune ONLY if others could find you on the internet.

However, all these mindsets, tools, and business expertise would be useless if you do NOT know how to drive traffic to your website.

Driving website traffic takes time and skills.

You must learn, practice, and apply.

In order to get internet traffic, you must know how to put your website in front of their audience’s eyes.

Increasing your website ranking and getting more exposure for your brand is the ultimate goal of any small business owners.

But most small business owners don’t take enough time to optimise their site correctly to bring a flood of organic traffic.

However, learning how to increase organic traffic to your website is a simple and easy process.

You simply need to know and apply few of these 50 time-tested and proven ways traffic building tactics that have worked for almost all types of businesses in the past.

But before I give you all my powerful traffic secrets, let me give you the definition of internet traffic and what are its benefits for small business owners like yours.

Definition – What is internet traffic?

According to WiseGeek, “The number of visitors to a website, and the pages they click on is called internet traffic.”

That means internet traffic is the number of people who visit/land on one of your pages and the number of pages they browse on a single visit.

And where does your website traffic come from?

Traffic may come from various sources, including search engines, PPC ad campaigns, backlinks, social profiles, blogs, video sharing sites, press release sites, dropbox, and from anywhere else where you submit your content with an URL back to your site.

Knowing internet traffic sources will help your optimise and improve your website design (and content). This will help you drive more “targeted traffic” – traffic that is already interested in your offers – to your website almost overnight. By bringing “targeted traffic” to your site, you’ll easily and quickly be able to spike conversions (signups, downloads, and sales).

Why is internet traffic is powerful?

Internet traffic one of the most important elements that will contribute to the success of your online business. You may have the world’s best product, services, or information, but will it really matter when no one actually visits it?

Here are some of the benefits of bringing targeted, qualified, and hungry internet traffic to your site:

  • Increase the rankings of your blogs, pages, ads on search results of Google.
  • Double or even triple brand and product exposure almost overnight.
  • Boost click-through-rate (CTR) on your landing pages, and thus boost online sales to rake in more profits than ever.
  • Save precious time, money (organic means “free”), and free up more work time, as you don’t have to do it yourself.

Now that you know why it’s important to drive traffic to your site, let’s look at the 50-time tested and proven ways of driving more internet traffic to your website, literally overnight.

1. Carry out keyword research

About 80% of internet traffic to your website comes through search engines. So, the way to be on the top 10 spot on Google is to optimise all your web pages and posts on your website. Why? Because it will help display in search results when your prospects are searching the web using search phrases related to your industry.

To know what people are typing in search engines, you need to use free keyword research tools such as Google Analytics. It will hep you find a list of keyword phrase (short tail and long tail keywords) so that you can use them to optimise your content for a search engine.

2. Do competitors research

Do you use software such as Buzzmo to see what your competitors are up to? If you are not, then you are missing out.

These free online services display social performance of specific sites and its content.

It gives you an overview of which topics are resonating best with the readers and making rounds on social media.

Your job is to emulate that kind of content to drive more traffic to your website.

3. Optimize your website

Once you have found a set of profitable keywords to target, you can use them to optimize your site.

Optimize your home page, static page(s), headers, sliders, sidebars, footers, web page title, and different plugins that you will use in order to make it easily indexed by search engine robots.

It is also important to submit your website to major search engines, free pinging sites, and RSS readers to increase traffic to your website.

4. Optimize your content

Just like optimizing your website, it is also important to optimize your content to increase traffic to your website.

Optimizing your content (on-page SEO) will make sure that people will actually find your articles, blogs, news, videos, and any other kind of digital documents when they search for something that is relevant to your brand and products.

For example, if someone Googles’ for “copywriting services in India,” and if one of the web pages on your website is optimized for this search phrase, people will likely find you on the Internet than those who do not care to optimize their content.

You need to make sure these keywords are inserted in the most important elements of your web page including Meta tags (title, description, and keywords), web page title, throughout the body, and headers (sub-headers).

5. Offer useful, interesting, and engaging content regularly

You may have optimized your site and content to make it highly relevant to your target audience.

But if there aren’t any useful, fresh, interesting, and informative content on your site and its page(s), it will be very difficult to increase traffic to your website.

Most people use search engines to find highly relevant information to solve their pressing issues.

If they find you on the Internet, click through to land on your page, and find that it contains exactly what they are looking for, then it will definitely be easy for you to increase traffic to your website. Why?

Well, if you offer useful, informative, and engaging content on your site/blog on a consistent basis, people will not only “trust” you.

Not only that, they’ll also act as your virtual marketer by liking, commenting, sharing your content with their friends, families, and anyone who may benefit from your product, services, and information.

6. Let the BIG “G” do the work for you

The first and most important step in driving highly targeted traffic to your website is by allowing the search engines like Google to do that task for you.

Google is a very popular method of driving organic (free) targeted traffic to websites, so, therefore it must not be ignored by you by any means.

Attaining the top search engine rankings is crucial in building link popularly, and finding the ‘right’ keywords to target is very important to attain this goal.

Once your website is on top of the list (Google 1st page ranking for your keywords), it would easily be accessible to anyone who might be interested to know what you have to offer.

7. Become an industry expert

Writing content on a regular basis will automatically set you as an industry expert who is passionate about what he/she does.

Major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, trust authors, sites, and blogs that offer unique, helpful, and informative content for its users.

When you set yourself as an industry expert, more people will come visit your site looking for solutions, better ways of doing things, and share theirs too.

With every positive online mention through likes, shares, social mention, and comments, you gain a vote of approval from Google, which is another ranking factor it considers before pushing your web page in the search engine ladder.

So, don’t just focus on getting higher on the search engine pages.

Instead, find a niche that you are passionate about, enjoy writing about, and will stick through thick and thin, and you won’t have a difficult time Increasing internet traffic to your site.

8. Offer “freebies” on your website to massive amount of free traffic

Here’s another time-tested and proven ways to bring a massive amount of free traffic to your website – i.e. by offering freebies.

Freebies could be anything – a 50 page eBook that talks about ways to solve a certain problem in your niche, a software that allows people to do things automatically, or wallpaper, screensavers, or links to various online sources you can redirect your visitors for additional information.

9. Advertise your website, brand, products, and services

Now that you’ve optimized your website, content, and set yourself as an industry expert, it’s time to spread advertise your online business.

For example, every 2-3 week, I sit down and craft targeted topics around SEO, SEM, and MMO niche.

Then I post it on several high PR sites like EzineArticles.com, GoArticles.com, DropBox.com, SlideShare.com, and on my social profiles, too.

In addition, I also offer my expertise on popular online forums and leave a link back to my blog.

If the topic is very popular, it does bring a flood of traffic to my site.

This method is also known as backlink building.

Backlink building is a free and easy way to bring additional people to your site if they are interested in what you’re talking about.

10. Build a subscriber’s list

Another easy way to build more traffic to your website is to build a list of organic subscribers.

These contacts are going to be those proven ones who are going to the valuable assets of your online business.

The use of email auto-responders and customized newsletters is two popular way to keeping track of them all.

It also hooks your audience by sending them alerts and notifications about your new products, services, and offers.

11. Create a blog with WordPress.com

Create a blog usingWordPress, and start posting useful content and links too.

Just make sure it is MORE than just a regular blog post or stuff.

While posting something, put your personality in them.

Write about what you like and don’t. Think about what interests you and what makes you giggle.

Post funny pictures, polls, videos, and audios that will give a personal feel to your blog.

12. Create YouTube videos

This is my favorite method of driving traffic to your site.

If you have a Google account, sign in, and start creating YouTube videos using video editing tools such as Camtasia.

Place your link somewhere in the description or maybe during the video, or at the end of the video.

13. Join affiliate programs

The fifth way, also one of my favorites, is joining affiliate programs.

Allowing affiliates to do all the leg work (driving traffic to your site for example) means allowing them to bring tons of free traffic to your website without you having to do anything at all.

As a result, sky-rocketing sales would be realized, and, of course, both the affiliate and the website owner will benefit from it.

14. Join joint-venture marketing

Another overlooked method of driving laser-targeted traffic to one’s website is by joint venture (JV) marketing.

This is considered to be one of the fastest, efficient, and easiest ways of marketing a product or a service.

Either through a link exchange program or ad swap, having a partner is beneficial to both parties involved as it allows them to reach a wide customer base in a short period.

15. Sign up for link exchange partnership

The second most important ways in driving targeted traffic to your affiliate niche site are by contacting other website owners for a possible link exchange programs.

For this major task, try to locate websites that are related to your own niche to have a higher chance of getting accepted.

Once you have found few websites, you should establish a communication with the web owners by personalizing everything.

Then it would be easy to make reciprocal link exchanges between website owners whichever way you, an affiliate marketer, prefer.

16. Register for linkreferral and trafficswarm

Sign up, browse through sites as you move up your site’s rankings.

Although it requires TIME, but as you go through sites, others will also go through yours.

17. Join fiverr and list your services 

Find someone from Fiverr who can perform a blast of your link to their FB, Twitter, or LinkedIn account.

18. Post valuable comments on relevant blogs

Comment on other’s blog. Often, most bloggers do this for SEO purpose; however, you can still do this to post your URL, too.

Make sure you leave a thoughtful comment, and never spam.

19. Share your content on “document sharing” sites

Visit document sharing sites and start posting there.

20. Do guest blog posting

If you are fond of guest blogging, you may also develop a good relationship with other bloggers from your own niche, or at least on friendly terms.

If your blog does well, perhaps you can swap posts with each other.

21. Write an A-to-Z ebook on any topic that solves a particular problem

If you have something exciting to share with others, write an eBook and then give it away for free.

Yes, you can write an eBook and insert affiliate links throughout the content, or just at the beginning or at the end.

Then, add these eBook on directories, or doc sharing sites as I’ve stated earlier.

Before you even begin writing an eBook, make sure it is highly relevant to the industry you’re in.

You can also begin to write an eBook on “How to make money online” or other topics.

22. Start posting on forums

Join forums like WarriorForum, Digital Point, and start posting links.

Make sure to insert links in your signature line.

For better result, offer value as well as interest for your community.

23. Write plenty of “How-to” articles

If you’re good at something, you can write mini-tutorials, how to guides, or list articles.

Just make sure they’re useful to the target audience and help solve their problem.

Remember, the more valuable these content are, more likely your site visitors going to stay on your site.

24. Post answers on Yahoo Answers

Yes, Yahoo Answers let you insert a link back to your site, in the resource box.

It’s a good opportunity for extra traffic to your site.

So, it’s definitely worth a shot.

25. Join WarriorForum and help other struggling bloggers

Yes, it’s a great way to get tons of highly targeted traffic to your site from WarriorForum, especially if you’re in Internet Marketing niche and an expert in this niche.

But just don’t join WarriorForum to post your affiliate link.

Visit WarriorForum to get plenty of ideas and learn from another newbie, intermediate, and expert bloggers and marketers out there.

There are plenty of free stuff out there too.

26. Find good classified ad sites and post your ad

Find a good classified ad section.

That’s where you’ll get tons of people visiting your site. (No, it doesn’t have to be craigslist; there are bunches more too).

Try to post one or two ads a day in major cities, etc.

So, if you’re targeting how to make money online niche, you may want to post under the “job” section.

Of course, there is freebies section, but your job is to find a place to post your ads.

27. Join Facebook groups and offer useful content to help your community

Here’s another way of getting tons of visits to your site.

Join Facebook groups in your niche – and start to offer helpful content to your community.

If you have a blog, make sure you place your links in it.

28. Join LinkedIn groups in your niche

Like Facebook groups, join LinkedIn groups in your niche and post your content there too.

Post your blog posts, ask a question, make connections.

29. Share your posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has evolved much more than just a place to find a job online.

The world’s biggest social networking platform for professionals has now become a content publishing platform, which means you should be posting content on LinkedIn on a consistent basis.

Doing so will not only benefit your site with more traffic, but it will also increase your profile within your industry, particularly if you have a moderate to a large following.

30. Insert your links on your social media profiles

Insert link to your site at other social media networks such as Google+ and Pinterest too.

Create a new one if you don’t have one, but start to post regularly and basically be active and gather new connections.

31. “Like” other people’s comments

On Facebook, make sure you like other people’s posts too, related in your niche.

In a short span of time, you’ll have liked a lot and people, in turn, visit back to your profile and check you out too.

Make sure you have a link there.

32. Make sure your site loads fast

Does your website load fast or you have to wait for 10 seconds before you can view anything meaningful? If your site takes long to load, then your bounce rate will skyrocket.

If your site takes long to load, then your bounce rate will skyrocket.

Ensure your web pages are technically optimized as possible, including page structures, image file sizes, and any third-party plugin you are using.

The faster your website loads, the better your results.

33. Provide value to your readers

If you want to increase website traffic through organic search, then content marketing using blogging and guest posts are the best way to do it.

However, many marketers today put the focus on quantity, and not quality.

If you have a low-quality, useless, and boring content, of course, no one is going to share and distribute it.

That’s why company blog was built.

So, next time before hitting the “publish” button go through your content to revise for spellings and grammar and the content, and then ask yourself, would I share it with others?

If the answer is a definite yes, then only “publish” your content.

34. Decrease bounce rate

Low bounce rate indicates that your blog posts or web pages are not properly optimized for search engines or search queries.

If this happens for a long time, Google can’t help but drop your web page rankings.

So, check each of your content and optimize them for the keywords or phrase you want to target.

Search engines will love you for it.

Check out my article on 11incredibly powerful ways to reduce “bounce rate” of a website.

35. Produce high-quality content

Google are now rewarding companies and people who publish valuable, useful, and engaging content on a regular basis.

Things such as author rank will play a huge role in organic search results.

So, devise a plan to not only produce content on a regular basis but also to provide value to your readers so that they are more likely to be shared across social channels and have a chance to go viral.

36. Submit your blog posts on content aggregator sites

Submit your content to content aggregator sites such as Reddit for referral traffic.

Do anything, but spam, to get traffic.

Just find a relevant subreddit, submit your content (highly relevant and useful) and links (include not more than 2-3 links per article) and watch how traffic pours into your website.

37. Interlink your blog posts

The strength of your link profiles is not only determined by the number of external links to your blog posts but also can be affected by the internal linking structure.

When creating a new content, find opportunities to link back to existing and relevant content on your site.

This will not help with SEO but also results in better and useful user experience, which is the foundation of increasing traffic to your website.

38. Create a “Top 10” website blog

Find top 10 blog post in your niche and write a post about them.

Use Google to find top blog posts in your niche.

For example, you could search using the following keyword: “ways to increase website traffic”. (Make sure to include “quotation” marks around the query.)

This search query will list only the websites having content with that exact keyword phrase so that results will be accurate to your search.

Next, start writing about them.

39. Keep a close eye on your Analytic’s data

Google Analytics is a great (free) tool that provides invaluable data on just about every aspect of your website from where your visitors are located and what are some of your popular posts.

Therefore, examine your Analytics data, and use that information to tweak your content marketing and promotion strategies.

Look out for posts that are proving most popular on your site.

Inspect your site to find how, when, and where your site visitors are coming from.

40. Interact with others on social media

It is not enough to just share your content on social media.

You need to actively participate in the conversion too.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, then join group discussions using relevant hashtags.

Leave comments on other’s posts, respond to other’s comments on your Facebook, and answer and engage with your readers.

Nothing makes people unhappy than using social media just to broadcast a message.

Use social media to interact with your fans too, just as it was intended.

41. Write MORE blog posts

Writing more helps drive more traffic.

Writers at Entrepreneur recently did an experiment, where they increased their blogging from twice per week to over 10 posts per week.

The result was staggering.

42. Target long-tail keywords

Once you have created content around all of your highly commercial (competitive) keywords, then start focusing on long-tail keywords as well.

Most web searches are performed using long-tail keywords.

That means if you are not targeting long tail keywords while setting up your paid search strategy or performing SEO, you are missing out a lot of useful traffic.

43. Write “killer” headlines

Headlines are an important part of your content.

Without an irresistible headline, even the most formidable content will go unnoticed.

Before writing content, you also need to master the art of writing headlines.

Did you know that writers at Upworthy and Buzzfeed often write up to twenty different headlines finally choosing the one that will send them the most traffic?

So, before you hit that ‘publish’ button, make sure to take out some time for your headlines.

44. Experiment

There is not a magic bullet for content marketing success.

You will have to try different approaches and methods to make your content as appealing as possible to your audience.

That means varying the length of the post and using different format of your content (eBooks, infographics, videos, e-newsletters, etc) for different kinds of readers.

Here’s a short tip: Mix shorter, news-type blog posts (around 500-800 words) with long-form content (above 1200 words) as well as with videos, infographics, and presentations to drive more website visitors.

Summing up everything

Increasing internet traffic to your website must be the number 1 goal of any online entrepreneurs to expose their brand and products, to see increase online sales, and basically be seen as an industry expert.

In order to keep people keep visiting back your site, you’ll have to motivate, encourage, and inspire people to do what they do best by offering insightful information they can learn, practice, and apply.

Did you know, you can also try my blog writing service for 14 days – free? If you don’t like, I’ll refund your full payment. No questions asked!

Contact me now to bring targeted traffic to your website through blogging, almost overnight!

Over to you 

What do you think? Do you use these strategies to drive laser-targeted traffic to your affiliate niche site? What strategies do you use to drive laser-targeted traffic to your site? Please comment below.

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