6 Easy Steps to Shareable Content

6 steps to content that is easily shared

Everyone likes other’s approval – particularly writers – so we become really proud when someone takes actually shares our articles.

And yes, of course, it benefits our business, too.

While conversion rates are metrics that actually help a small business generate revenues than anything else, we marketers still like to dedicate our time on the shares. After all, it’s the popular way to know whether a piece of content is doing great or not.

However, something strange is happening here, though: If social shares are what we’re actually after, definitely we’re getting them a lot, aren’t we? Surely, we know how to get our people to share our content with others, don’t we?

Unfortunately, you see, that’s not happening with most of us. According to many studies, an average piece of content gets only a few shares. Moz and BuzzSumo studied over millions of articles and came to a conclusion that 50% of all published articles get 8 or fewer shares.

And there’s even bad news for you. CoSchdedule surveyed their users and found that a whopping 77% of them share their content only 3 or fewer times.

That’s really unacceptable, but that’s also a good news for you. You see, with just a few clever tricks and a little help from software, you can quickly and easily entice people to share your content more than you’ve before.

Here’s how:

1. Always publish share-worthy content.

Yes, I understand you’ve probably heard that before, but pay attention to that advice. If you aren’t putting effort to create interesting, useful, and relevant content, no matter great your promotion is it’s not going to help. In fact, it will do you more damage than good.


Well, you see, if you do great promotion, of course, people will find it and read your content. However, once they read it and later discover to be less valuable, you’ll have made the wrong impression on them. They will not forget the experience anytime soon. So, if you promote less worthy content, you’ll be training your audience to keep on ignoring you.

So, make sure your content is good, if not great, even if that means you’ll have to publish less than often or take more time to publish.

2. Use at least an image.

Social media absolutely loves images. So, when I’m talking about sharing content, I’m often referring to social media. A recent study found that Facebook posts with an image often receives 2.3 times more engagement than posts without an image.

Please don’t skip this point, okay? Add at least one good looking image designed for social media.

And, here’s another step for marketers.

You can grab a part of your content and turn it into an image which will work as standalone content. Let’s say, for example, you have an educational post on your blog. Go and take pictures of each basic steps, and then, bundle them together into one image, just like Magnolia Market (e-commerce website) did for their content.

3. Use social sharing plugins.

This piece of advice goes to all those who have a blog, but it’s too valuable to overlook. If your website doesn’t already have them, make sure to plugin social sharing buttons to every page.

And then, to make things more interesting, test several different sharing tools. With the right plugins and tools, you can make a huge different in the number of shares you get. There’s a reason why upper-class social media marketers use Social Warfare.

4. Simply ask for it

It’s one of those tips where you read and think, “Oh, come on please – that will never work.” Well, until you give it a shot, and really see more shares.

5. Quote influencers by their name in your copy

You probably know what influencer marketing is, don’t you? If you don’t, well, it’s a clever way to promote your brand through an authority figure in your industry. However, you can also promote your blog posts via industry thought-leaders, particularly by mentioning their name. What this does is lends a slight credibility to your content. Quoting smart people makes you look smart, too.

Heck, there’s even a tool called Notifier that easily and quickly allows you to notify the person you’ve mentioned in your blog.

6. Write jaw-dropping headlines.

Let me reveal you a cold harsh truth: most of your people will not read you content, even if the content is great and they share it. Whether they’ll share it more often is determined by how awesome the headline of your copy is. Put it simply: great headlines get shared, all the time. On the other hand, vague and boring headlines don’t.

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