7 Awe-Inspiring Reasons Why You Must Create Your Own Blog

7 Awe-Inspiring Reasons Why You Must Create Your Own Blog
7 Awe-Inspiring Reasons Why You Must Create Your Own Blog

Why must you create your own blog? Thanks for asking that question …

Did you know that you could start a blog, free?

Internet is a 24/7 moneymaking machine, a global medium, where people often visit to SOVLE their problems.

Using this medium and marketing information about your products and services that solve your audience’s problems will definitely give you high ROIs. This is the number ONE reason why you must create your own blog, and here are few more others:

1) Blogs are Means of “Self-Expression”

Through blogs, YOU can voice your opinions, share your ideas, and even promote products and services. You can and teach other people how to do certain things, or blog about your interests and passion. More importantly, once you start blogging, you also enter into the world of writing.

2) Blogs are Affordable and Easy to Maintain

Did you know that in as little as $25, you could have your own domain name (www.yourname.com) and web hosting with UNLIMITED space and bandwidth? If you do not want to spend anything, you can start a blog for free using blogging platform such as Blogspot.com and WordPress.com. (Check out my article on 3 best blogging platform every blogger must be using.)

Although you can get a free domain name and web hosting, I highly recommend you pay for your own hosting and personal domain name. Not only it will be YOURS, but also there are several benefits of having your own domain name and web hosting.

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3) Blogging Software like WordPress and Blogger is “User-Friendly”

WordPress – a FREE blogging platform of choice for many online business owners – has tons of plug-n-play features (free plugins) that allow you to create a professional- and beautiful-looking blogs within hours, not weeks. You do NOT need any programming knowledge, as everything – setting up a website, creating a layout, building pages and posts, uploading images, etc – can be done through their WYSIWYG user interface.

Plus, WordPress also has an active online support group where WP users from all over the world come together to discuss, share, and solve ideas and problems – really helpful if you were just starting out.

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4) Blogs are Easy to Generate Income

Blogging is one of the easiest ways of making money online for sure. In fact, you can make money through several ways: sponsorship, advertising, affiliate programs, and/or selling your own products and services. There are many examples that suggest people are making full-time income through blogging.

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5) Target Niche Market

You can use blogs to target popular niche market that generates many interests among people, find products and services, write reviews, and earn money through affiliate marketing by referring readers to product page.

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6) Generate a Lot of Traffic via Your Blog

You can generate tons of traffic (free) through your blog as you start to write interesting content in your niche that people want to read.

7) Builds Your Online Credibility

Having your own blog will help you build your credibility online, and in your niche too. It lets your readers know more about you as a person, which is very crucial in building long-term business relationships with your readers, who are also YOUR potential customers.

Those were top reasons why you should create your own blog.

Remember: If you have better content, you will more likely get better results: higher rankings, more visitors to your site, and more conversions. So, make sure you publish engaging and useful content on a regular basis on your blog, and do not be surprised with the results.

Now that you know why you must create your own blog, you might also be interested to learn how to make money blogging.

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