7 best blog comments examples you can imitate

When you write great comments, your blog will eventually grow. This is because comments can be really powerful. A great comment can make a blogger notice you and accelerate your success.

Sounds so simple?

But you aren’t sure what a great blog comment looks like.

Is it a type of blog comments that has 3-5 links. Do showering tons of compliments to the author get your comments approved fast? Should you be mysterious and interesting by hiding your real identity while posting a comment? Here are 7 blog comment examples you want to imitate

1) Use avatars

Use your public image to build a personal relationship with the blogger. Do not use an image of a cat or a doll. You want to come across as genuine and trustworthy as possible. Using Gravatar image will improve trust and like factor and increase the chances of getting your comment approved fast.

Look at the example below:

Best Blog Comment Examples - Use Gravatar
Best Blog Comment Examples – Use Gravatar

2) Use friendly greetings

Don’t make your blog comment sound like a sales pitch. Instead, start with a greeting. Be friendly and say hi and mention the name of the blogger if it is mentioned.

Here is an example how to do that:

Best Blog Comment Examples - Use friendly greetings
Best Blog Comment Examples – Use friendly greetings

3) Give them sincere compliments

Give compliments to the author. Make their day. Make them feel appreciated for their hard work churning out so much valuable information for you.

Here is an example on how to give compliments in your blog comments:

Best Blog Comment Examples
Best Blog Comment Examples

4) Use your business name/ blog URL in the “name field” for more exposure

Your comment has to be valuable to the readers, but if the topic is relevant to what your offer (products or affiliate offers); you can enter your brand name in the name field.

Similarly, if you have a blog post that is relevant to the post, you can enter the blog title here, which will allow people to visit your site for more relevant information.

Inserting your business name or blog title also makes it easier for search engine crawlers to index your pages faster.

Check out this blog comment example below:

Best Blog Comment Examples
Best Blog Comment Examples

5) Add Value to the post

Adding value to a post is not talking about what the post just said. It’s not about just thanking the reader with a “Wow! That was a great post. Thanks for sharing!” message. Adding value to a blog post is sharing your personal story relevant to the topic. Maybe, you want to share them how you

You can add your own tips. Or, answer some questions asked by the author in their call-to-action section at the end of the post. And if you help other readers by replying to their questions with your own tips, that is also an example of adding value to a post.

Here is an example of a blog comment that adds value to a blog post:

Best Blog Comment Examples
Best Blog Comment Examples

6) Offer a resource

In addition to adding valuable content – experiences, and anecdotes – you can also include a link to a resource in your comment. For example, if the blog topic was how to drive more comments to your blog, and you thought using user-friendly plugins such as CommentLuv and ReplyMe was useful resources, then mention it. You may also leave a link to the resource, like this:

Best Blog Comment Examples
Best Blog Comment Examples – Offer a resource

7) Offer a promise

If the post was really good, you can show your appreciation to the blogger by making a promise at the end. Making a promise tells them that you enjoyed their blog post and wants to keep on coming back. One way to make a promise to the author is telling the author that you will share, be back to read more articles, or tweet.

Look at the examples below:

Best Blog Comment Examples - Offer a Resource
Best Blog Comment Examples – Offer a Resource


Blog comments, if done correctly (show in examples above), can build a great relationship with other bloggers, get you noticed, and make your blogging venture a success.

If done incorrectly, the blog owner will most likely never approve your comment, and at worst, block you for further commenting.

Instead of posting useless comments that get you nowhere, you can use these 7 best blog commenting examples to improve your comments, build your reputation, and drive more traffic to your site.

Over to You: Did you find these best blog comments examples useful? How do you comment on others blog? Did I miss any important blog commenting examples above? Please share your ideas in the comment section below.

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