7 Creative Ways to Re-purpose Your Content

7 “Creative” Ways to Re-purpose Your content...
7 “Creative” Ways to Re-purpose Your content...

Everyone wants to learn how to re-purpose content these days. If you have a great piece of content that resonates well with your audience, then why not create more content around that topic, right? Well, re-purposing content helps you do just that.

There are several benefits of re-purposing your content:

  1. Reach out new audience: Some visitors like to read infographics over text statistics; while others like to read podcasts over eBooks. Re-purposing content in different media helps you reach more and new audience.
  2. Bring that old yet favorite content up and front: We all have forgotten about that book at the back of the shelf. It’s our old favorite, but whenever you come across it, you want to think, “Should not I be reading that book about airplanes again? It was fantastic.” You might not stumble across it for months or even years. Why not repurpose your old favorite content up and center, making sure the great content is never forgotten.
  3. Gives second chance at content promotion: When you re-purpose content, you ensure that those people on your website who missed your “quality” blog posts for the first time get another chance to see it for a second round.

What type of content can you re-purpose?

  1. Content that is evergreen: Outdated content is not useful for re-purposing content. For example, reformatting a blog post about the first Google Panda into infographics will no longer be useful. That is why you should only repurpose content that is evergreen – i.e. content that proves to be relevant and valuable over the months (or even years).
  2. Content those are popular: Go to your Google Analytics account to see what your most popular content have been over the past year. Try to learn why those posts performed so well? Then, implement what works when re-purposing your content.
  3. Content that needs updating: Maybe you have an evergreen and largely relevant content, except for only a few outdated reference to Hotmail accounts, Google Buzz, and other ancient sites that no longer exists. Re-purpose that content and give them a new makeover!

7 Creative Ways to Re-purpose Your Content

Here are seven ways you can re-purpose your content for your website visitors.

1) Turn webinars into YouTube videos: If you are running a webinar that gets tons of audiences, do not let it go wasted. Re-purpose it as a YouTube video, making sure that your content lives forever. Not only will it be an asset for your site, but it will also drive tons of new traffic to your site through YouTube.

2) Turn old posts into guides: Maybe, you have blogged a lot about a specific topic. Gather those posts and re-purpose them into the fresh new guide. For example, maybe you have written how to install WordPress on your server, how to optimize a WordPress site, how to optimize a blog post on WordPress site, how to install plug-ins on WordPress site, how to install WordPress themes. You can repackage those blog posts and turn them into something like “A Complete Guide on WordPress Perfection,” and then re-market it using email marketing and other types of lead generating efforts.

3) Turn PowerPoint presentation into Slidedeck: Maybe, you prepared a nice PowerPoint presentation to share with your team members in the upcoming meeting. Now the presentation is over, and you do not want your PowerPoint creation to go wasted. All those charts and glorious graphs. Well, lament no more – those presentations can be re-purposed into slide decks with the use of SlideShare. Simply edit your slides for a consumer audience, upload them to SlideShare, and embed the presentation into one of your blog posts. Now you have a piece of content that you barely had to work for.

4) Turn visual content into Pinterest board: Maybe, some of your blog posts are image heavy. We advise you to turn some of your posts by re-purposing them into images on Pinterest. For example, you could create a blog post detailing the best article directories to submit your content for marketing, and upload the pins of best article directory’s logo, or even create a new board just dedicated to the “top article directories.” Those pins will drive tons of traffic to your site, adding new sources of traffic to your site.

5) Turn slideshow into Infographics: Remember about those awesome charts and glorious graphs that I mentioned earlier in the PowerPoint presentation? They are quite amazing! In fact, there is another way to re-purpose it – turn them into infographics! Infographics are admired by many in the content world. They are informative, sexy, and they are easy to read, and they get shared a lot. Although creating infographics can be huge undertakings, needing extensive research and design, not every infographics needs to go through such undertakings. Just use a good chart or graph, give it a nice look, and put in some lipstick and blush with free tools like Infogram, Piktochart, and Canvas, and you’re ready to go.

6) Turn statistics into Twitter posts: Maybe, one day you decided to create a post with lots of stats, with some really interesting facts about your industry. Why not get more leverage out of those stats? You can easily turn each stats/facts into individual tweet-able elements. Here are few ways you can do this:

  1. Insert a click to tweet link at the end of some stats
  2. Use the most interesting stats as your tweets
  3. Or, create Twitter-friendly image stats.

Re-purposing your post stats/facts into easy to read highlights makes it much more shareable, which is definitely going to give your content better reach.

7) Turn your blog posts into newsletter tips: To drive more traffic to your website, consider re-purposing your blog posts into a weekly newsletter tips. You probably have a lot of subscribers in your email list. But even the most loyal fans will not be able to catch every post you publish on your site. That is where e-newsletter kicks in!

Sending tips-oriented newsletter can not only showcase the best post of the week but also entices people to visit your site and read content.

With these creative ways to re-purpose content, you will be getting the most value out of your content efforts. Soon, your website will have a wide range of content than the usual Keep Calm and Carry On slogan that has long ago lost their suffocating grasp on the Internet.

Over to you: Do you have other ways to re-purpose content? Why not share your ideas in the comment section below?

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