8 Appropriate Places to INSERT Keywords into Your Articles

ways to properly add keywords into your articles
ways to properly add keywords into your articles

Do you know how to effectively add keywords, or long-tail keywords phrases into your articles? In this guide, I will show you how I stuff keywords while writing articles for my clients.

“Stuffing keywords” in an article is not a good SEO tactic as Google often see them as “spammy” and penalize sites using it. To make it natural though, you only need to stuff your keywords in specific areas and in specific density.

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Don’t know where to place your keywords in your articles? Do not panic! In this post, I am going to show you few simple ways you can insert keywords into your articles and in ‘proper’ density.

Here are 8 Ways to ‘Properly’ Insert Keywords into Your Articles:

1. Keywords in the Page Title

Place your main keywords in the page title. Use all-in-one-seo-pack plugin to customize your page title, and insert your keyword only once.

2. Keywords in Description Meta tag

Next, place your main keyword in the description Meta tag. Make sure you to insert your keyword at least twice with the description. Make sure it reads natural.

3. Keywords in the H1 tag

Headers are often important element of a page and anything containing it means high significance. For this reason, it makes sense to put your main keyword in the main header, or H1 tag.

4. First sentence

The first sentence of your article needs to state the main purpose. In brief sentence, let the reader know what he/she will find in the article.

5. Sub Headlines (H2 and H3)

Sub headlines, just like the main headline, signals importance. Make sure you put your keyword phrase at least once. You need to have at least one H2 or H3 tags in an article to pass on-page SEO.

6. Main & Secondary Keywords Saturated throughout the Content

The article needs to be on topic, and for this purpose, you need to repeat the main keywords you want to target after each 100 words.

There are ways to calculate as how much keywords you would insert after each word. I usually put a keyword or secondary keyword phrase after every 40 words, just to make the keyword density more than 3 percent.

I know that’s way too much, but to have high SEO score on a page, you need to make sure the article hovers around the central topic. You can put secondary or similar keywords here.

Alternately, I have seen most content writer and SEO expert insert keywords after 100 words, or in each paragraph.

Go for what suits best for you.

7. Image Alt tags

Since search engines cannot read images, you can utilize the alt image tag to stuff more keywords to help identity Google what the image is about. This way, when someone searches for an image with the keyword, the articles also gets displayed – another click to your site.

8. Last Sentence

Articles also needs to have a conclusion that summarizes the main topic or keyword. Having a keyword in the last sentence will seem natural as it’s the main topic of the article.

There are several ways to placing keywords into your articles. While inserting keywords in articles, make sure they are not forced or sound awkward, as in “business start home” instead of “start business from home.” To get around this problem, use secondary or similar keyword phrase.

Recommendation: I also highly recommend to make your article flow naturally.This way, not only your article sound natural, but more words and keywords fit in appropriate places automatically.

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