8 Ways to Attract More Comments to Your Blog

8 Ways to get more comments on your blog
8 Ways to get more comments on your blog

Are you not getting more comments on your blog? Like over a dozen or maybe 100 comments, just like the big blogs do? Maybe, you are not getting anywhere near to the traffic they are, but you still can’t help but think:

  • Maybe, I am doing something wrong.
  • Maybe, I am missing a trick or two.

So, what can you do to attract more comments to your blog?

First, understand how getting more comments on your blog actually works.

Here is the formula:

Traffic + Engagement + Emotion = Dozens of Comments

The first part is straight-forward. The number of comments you get is dependent on how much traffic you site gets. So, if you want more comments, get more traffic.

The second part is engaging your readers. Do you have your reader’s attention? Or, are they just skimming your post? If they are not reading what you are talking about, then you are not engaging them and not getting any comments. To get more people to comment, you will have to convince them to read most of your content, if not all.

The third part is rather surprising one: emotion. What most bloggers do? They are so busy making a point and sharing valuable information that they totally forget to engage their readers on an emotional level. Maybe it could be an thought-provoking post, or something that challenges their pre-conceived notion on a particular issue, or maybe, it could be a tearjerker.

The point is to make them feel something. And what we do when we become overwhelmed with emotion? We start to comment. Our emotion compels us.

When you put all these three things together, then only you will get dozens or even hundreds of comments on a blog post.

And the question comes…


Well, it’s good to theorize about how comments work, but here are some specific steps you can take to start getting more comments now

1. Start commenting everywhere

Why comment on others blog to generate more blog comment on your own? I asked myself the same question. But here’s what Tristan Higbee at Bookshelf Bookshelf did to attract more comments on his own blog – he commented on 100 blogs in a day. It got him over 150 comments within few days, he says. And guess what, Tristan blog went off the roof like a rocket. But I would not advise you to post anything more than you can handle for a long time.

Posting 10 or even 5 comments everyday sounds a lot of work. You won’t likely stick with this regiment for a long time. Instead, leave 2-3 comments per day throughout the year, and stick to that routine. This will guarantee you to get more people back to your blog so they have an opportunity to read, comment, and share.

2. Just ask for it

Most bloggers write their post and then go back writing a new one, without trying to build a good contact with their readers. That’s a HUGE MISTAKE!

It’s good to establish yourself as someone who shares his personal ideas to your readers, but it’s also a good idea to make it clear that you welcome their ideas, too. So after writing your blog post, ask your readers about their opinion, experiences, and ideas related to the topic that you write.

By asking your readers to post their ideas on your blog, you will build a channel of communication between you and your readers. This way, you will make them feel welcome to your blog, and as a result, they will start to leave their comments in your blog. Sometimes, you can even use their ideas as an inspiration for your next post.

3. Make it super easy to comment

Just make it easy for your readers to comment. Do not make it difficult by asking them to sign up before allowing them to comments, or making them fill up captcha. If they are not technical savvy – let’s say your grand mom wants to leave a comment on your blog – they won’t be able to make a comment on your blog.

Commenting tools such as Disqus and Livefyre make it tough for non-computer-savvy people to leave comments. Instead, use user-friendly WordPress commenting plug-ins like CommentLuv and ReplyMe.

CommentLuv allows you to “share the love” with those who comment by showing their blog feed under the comment. ReplyMe sends individual reply to commentator. The standard WordPress comment section is also user-friendly and does not require you to sign up.

4. Let your article simmer

Before, I used to write at least 1 blog a day.

Now, I don’t go overboard and produce content after every 3 days.

The good thing about this strategy is that it allows comments and conversation to build up much more over time.

Typically, if a blog post got 150 comments, then 75 comments were usually made on the first day, 50 comments were made on the second, and 25 on the third.

5. Be a leader in your industry

Yes, you can do everything in the world to build more website traffic and contacts for your business, but if you are not a thought leader in your industry, then you are not going to go that much further from the rest.

Who are industry leaders, you ask!

They are risk-takers who like to venture into the unknown where everyone else shuns those ways.

These people stretch your mind and soul and tackle issues that others won’t. That is what leaders do anyway and that is why they are great. Just read Danny Brown’s blog or Mitch Joel’s innovative Six Pixels of Separation to get a feel of what I mean when I say become a leader in your industry.

6. Use “killer” headlines

If your blog post do not stand out, then it is likely to get shifted to the bottom of the pile and rust there. This is because Internet people just like you and me get tons of articles in our inbox or feed ever day. So the next time you sit down to write a blog article, ask yourself: is the title catchy, thought-provoking, and appealing to my audience? If it is not, then you will have to come up with a new one.

7. Write with passion

When I write, I often visualize my readers to be at the end of the room, lying back and checking out their updates on mobile phones, feeling bored as hell, and my job is to get them standing and approaching to me to interact.

To get them energized, I energize myself to, and then write my article with so much passion and energy that they cannot help but feel it.

It works.

If you believe passionately in what you are doing (blogging, for example), you will connect with your readers in a way that makes them wake up and comment on your blog posts.

8. Ask for links

Not all traffic visiting your website are equal. When you ask link from an authority figure in their niche, the visitors are more likely going to comment on your blog posts than visitors who come to your website through search engines or social sharing sites. So ask for links.

Just write your post and hit them a message on Facebook or Twitter and tell them how your post will help their audience. Make sure to offer it as a resource and you will be surprised how readily they will link to you.

Over to you:

That was 8 ways to attract more comments on your blog. But I would also like to hear from yours. What would you add to this list? What do you disagree with? Remember, if this blog post does not get that many comments (like 100) then I would probably look like an idiot and that would make me feel sad 😉

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