9 Awesome Tips on How to Blog Daily

9 Awesome Tips on How to Blog Daily

Recently, I made a decision to blog daily – from Monday to Friday. It’s been a month now. It has never been so easy, but I am enjoying blogging daily.

If you are reading this post, I am sure you might want to learn few tips on how to blog daily, aren’t you?

Let me share with you few tips on how to blog daily:

Fill up your editorial calendar

I know you won’t follow this exactly (I rarely blog daily), however, it will help you keep track of all types of topics you may want to cover on your blog.

Make room for guest bloggers

This is a great tip in order to put some pressure off and add a new voice to your blog. I am trying to post a guest blog once a month.

Find a good source

If you want to blog daily, you need to have an access to a good source. Since I am involved in Internet Marketing, SEO, and Blogging in general, I do have my own set of “highly” reputable sources such as:

  1. Warrior Forum
  2. DailyBloggingTips
  3. Search Engine Land

I simply visit these sites/ blogs to see what is being searched for.

And then, I research and write about topics that interests me, or think that my readers would find interesting, or helpful.

Having an access to a great source can be a BIG motivating factor to keep on going when the going gets dry …

Write the first draft in the morning

blog a dayThe first things I do after my morning chores it to sit behind my writing desk, turn on my laptop, and then write on topics I haven’t covered in my previous blog.

My first draft is plain, simple, and “free-flow” writing.

This way, my editor part doesn’t come in the way. I get to say what I have in the mind without having to stop me for anything.

The first draft is always 700 to 800 words, and if I get wordy, I don’t mind, because it’s a first draft. I know the “editing” part will come later. But this time, it’s just writing, and nothing else.

Make blogging a daily habit

I am looking at blogging as something with going to the gym daily and lifting those heavy weights or running a 3km race every day. In other words, blogging daily is a challenge for me and the challenge itself motivates me.

It tests me if I can stand up to the difficult task of daily blogging or not.

I don’t punish myself if I don’t succeed (I rarely do), however, I do reward myself after a successful completion – maybe go out for a walk in the park, or read a nice book, or watch my favorite documentary show.

As with any habit, I can be learned. It is doable. I have seen young entrepreneurs like me posting YouTube videos on Health & Fitness niche daily. Over time, it’s just become easy, just like eating, sleeping, or jogging. J

Shut Down Your Inner Critic

shut your inner monkeyThis is the biggest problem I have that prevents me being a “prolific” blogger/writer/artist. See, when I write the word “prolific” or “brilliant” infront of my profession, the inferior part of me just start to doubt myself.

As a result, it stops me from producing articles on daily basis.

I mean, other people are blogging daily. Why not me?

I know daily blogging really won’t help me create a “masterpiece” every time I sit in front of my laptop and blank screen, nonetheless, it forces me to produce. Produce anything that I can share with my readers.

So, when its time for productivity, we need to silence our inner critic. It has its own time, i.e. – after the first draft complete. Before that, my imagination and creative thinking must take over and produce whatever I had imagined.

Find topics that excites YOU

The easiest posts you will ever write are “emotional” in some way. The blog post may be something exciting, or annoying, or it could have some kind of inspiration/ impression upon you.

When mood strikes, stop your writing schedule, and just write it.

Get help from a blog admin

If there’s someone who looks after your blog/site, for example, formats guest posts, creates first drafts, or a summarize weekly blog posts, let them write a blog for you too. It doesn’t hurt to ask your admin to craft a nice “how to” guide once a week.

Read other bloggers too

One of the reasons why you may stop blogging daily is because you’re running out of topics to write about.

The best way to gain your blogging juices flowing is to read post from other bloggers too. Reading other bloggers will not only expand your horizons, but it will also give you an idea of what you have missed in your own blog.

Bonus tip: And finally, Just Do It!

Yes, you have heard this three words of wisdom thousands of time on the TV commercials, or read it in the sports T-shirt printed across your chest.

But it’s the best medicine for writer’s block.

Just do it.

If you run out of topics, go and do some research and find interesting topics to write about. Just do it. If you have to go through all these steps to learn how to blog daily, just do it.

Life is short, and there are plenty of things to do. If you start to procrastinate now, you’ll procrastinate 3 months from now. Now is the right moment to begin. Now is the time to write another blog post.

Yes, it’s easier said than done, but it’s the only way to be a “better,” “prolific,” and “creative,” writer you have always imagined yourself to be.

So go out there and … and just do it!

And if you do it successfully, comment below to tell me how you did it.

Over to YOU

Did you find this article – How to Blog Daily – useful? Did I miss anything? How could I have improved this topic? Or, did something strike you?

Do you have other ways to make a daily blogging a habit?

Please comment below to share me your “how to blog daily” tips with me and I’ll reply to everyone! Promise!

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