9 More Tips on How to Write a Perfect Blog Post

How to create a perfect blog post
How to create a perfect blog post

Do you know how to write the great blog post?

You may have a great story to tell, but how do you make your blog reach out to your people is the question.

We know that “Content is still king,” but the perfect blog post is MORE than just about the content itself. In fact, the format of your blog post is equally important like the actual content itself.

Your visitors/readers may not have a clue about these formatting nuances, but it definitely pays to create a well-organized and designed post so that they keep reading and sharing it.

With that said, let me share with you my top 10 tips on how to write the perfect blog post.

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Here are top 10 tips on how to write a great blog post:

1. Choose an “enticing” title

Choosing a title that is direct yet interesting is very crucial part of your blog post. You want your readers to find your blog posts easily through a simple search.

create an interesting titleSo, picking a title that is relevant/ matches what your readers is searching for is very important when nearly everyone’s begin their Internet experience through Google.

The “tricky” part would be to strike a perfect balance between a highly relevant title and an interesting one. The perfect blog post title will be interesting, fun, controversial, ironic, while still keeping the main points of the article present and clear.

2. Make your major points clear

Right away, the perfect blog post reveals what their readers are about to enjoy. Your perfect blog cannot develop slowly like a novel or a movie. It has to reveal what’s in the reader immediately.

Internet readers have very short attention spans. So, when your intro paragraph is clear what the post is about, he/she will know whether they’ve come to the right place.

3. Make a List

One of the easiest ways to format the perfect blog post is to organize you points as a list. Make use of numbered or bulleted points to make your arguments, or you can include sub-headings too.

Most readers love to read these list articles that give them tips on “how to” do particular things in 10, 9, or even 7 ways. These list articles are interesting to readers as it clearly shows them what the key points will be in the article.

Plus, having lists and rankings in your perfect blog gives a clear reason for your blog to read till the end.

4. Linkbait

The perfect blog post includes content that compels other bloggers link to it. Blog posts with “Top 10” or “How to …” in the title often tend to get a LOT of attention from blogosphere.

The perfect blog post also includes a large amount of outbound links to other relevant sites where readers can get more information on this particular topic.

When other bloggers notice your hard work, other bloggers will in turn give a link. Not to mention your readers also get a feeling that you have done a proper research before writing your post.

5. Make Your Blog Posts “Attractive”

make your blog attractiveThe quickest and easiest way to make your blog post look attractive is to take plenty of time to edit and format it to your liking. Put it simply: If you don’t like to read your own blog post, no one will too.

Before publishing your blog post, make sure you bold keywords, organized major points into bulleted points or paragraphs, remove wordy sentences to make your post short, make your titles large, and so no.

The perfect blog post will be a gorgeous post.

6. Include Multimedia

Even if your writing is great, inserting media such as images and videos is very crucial to breaking up large chunk of text and keep things interesting.

For example, if you are writing a health blog, include pictures of people doing aerobics, running, lifting weights. Or if you are writing a creative piece, include a video that will help illustrate your point more clearly.

Multimedia gives life to a post and it s vital part of the perfect blog post.

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7. Stick to the Point

The perfect blog post is concise and stays on the topic. As I said earlier, most blog readers have short attention span. When they search for specific subject, they want to read the post that deal with that specific subject and nothing else.

8. Use Keywords

The perfect blog post is created with relevant keywords in mind.

A simple search on Google AdWords keyword tools will tell you which keywords are mostly searched for a particular subject.

Inserting those words into your blog title, and different parts of your body will make it easy for your readers to find your blog post and also know that they have come to the right place.

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9. Keep Length in Mind

The perfect blog post may be lengthy as it depends upon the nature of your blog and your intention. If you want to lower the bounce rate of your article, it definitely pays to write a long blog post, probably between 1000 – 1,500 words.

But as stated earlier, internet readers have short span of time. So, if your blog post is too long, you may risk losing your readers as they may get impatient and leave before you are even finished.

Although there is no optimal blog post length, but generally, keeping a post under 1,000 is a great start. Keeping it between 500 to 800 words is ideal too.

10. Bonus Tip: Be Original

It pays to make your blog post stand out from the crowd. Don’t just simply write what everyone else is writing. Include your own perspective by mixing things up and make the post truly yours in some way.

The perfect blog post will compel your readers stop and think.

It will evoke some sort of emotion, make people talk about it. So, if you see a blog post with plenty of comments, and people arguing about it, you should know that you have given something of valuable to your readers to talk about.

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