Advertising Copywriter

ad copy writingPowerful advertising copy connects with your audience. It tells the world “what you are” and “what you offer” them. Most importantly, it persuades people to purchase from you.

So why should you hire me for advertising copy writing?

Well, I know how to make sales!

I understand what needs to be done to INCREASE your sales.

If I accept your work, I do all the writing myself. I do not outsource. If I cannot commit, I do not accept the job.

Advertising are the bottom lines to business success.

If you are not selling, you are not making money. You have no business. Products and services are always being sold. The question is, are you selling or your competitor?

The effectiveness of your advertising copy determines the answer to that question.

Having me in your team is like having someone who knows how to use the ‘right’ hot button words and phrases that will get your tons of sales and leads.

If you want that type of writer, contact me.