Advertorials Writing

advertorials writingAn advertorial is a mix of advertisement and editorial. It tells a story about your product or service and helps sell it as well.

The art of writing a good advertorial is to find a balance between a good story and a sale.

Here can I help you achieve that balance?

First, I will talk with you to identify what you are selling before writing so that it will be easier to find a story that fits. Then, the story will be wrapped around the sales message. Maybe, I will interview people for your story. Gather facts. Use quotes to describe the benefits or a product or service.

Have you heard “Oh, you have tried the rest, now try the best… lowest price, dedicated service … leave all the dirty work for us … take your business to the next level …”

No, no, no.

Advertorials are simple, everyday writing style, and not slogans. It is ‘softly softly’ advertising!

Of course, it will also include your contact telephone numbers and street address at the end. No price will be included.

Contact me to get effective advertorials for your business…