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Whether you simply want to drive MORE “targeted” traffic to your website, build MORE qualified leads, or nurture existing visitors and convert them into loyal customers…  or even want to establish yourself as an “industry expert,”… then you need my killer blog writing service now.

Well-written blogs allow you to engage with your readers while also draws them into your subject.

Blog posts can also offer “insider” information about your industry, encourage your readers to action (make comments, share, like, click links, etc), and most importantly, cast a positive light in your industry in the best way possible.

High-quality blog posts crafted by a skilled and experienced copywriter BOOSTS confidence and trust to your readers – two key factors that convert random audiences into customers.

Why Your Business Needs a Blog?

1. Companies that blog regularly get 80% more new visits

Regular blogging can attract new visitors through wide range of channels including search engines, social media, email, and more.

With every post, you’re investing in your business and your website.

Unlike paid advertising, your blog remains on your website forever and in most cases the post drives more traffic over time.

2. Businesses with blogs generate 126% MORE leads

The best blog posts focus on the questions customers have and answer those questions with blog posts.

This simple yet effective blogging strategy not only drives customers, but also provides value and earns their trust, which eventually leads them deeper into your website where they finally convert to become new customers.

3. 81% of US consumers trust advice and info from blogs

With a business blog, you can offer an increasing amount of value in your industry. This will help you establish as an industry expert.

Your regular blog posts will help you STAND OUT from your competition. In the long-run, people flock to your business blog MORE because they know you’re the sought after source of information in your industry.

Here’s what you’ll get through my blog writing services:

  • Get unique content that is optimized for the search engines and your readers. My blog writing services include generating killer blog titles, doing research, writing, formatting, and scheduling, and posting.
  • Each blog posts will be written with your audience in mind as well, particularly your “ideal customer.” (Most bloggers only write for the robots, not for the readers.)
  • My researched blog posts will help you establish as an “industry expert.”
  • No matter what type of content you want – lighthearted or conversational, and educational or informative, or even promotional and sales-driven – my blogs posts will grasp your concepts and breathe life into it.

Here’s How it Works

Step 1: Getting to know each other…

When you contact me, I’ll try to understand your business and your target customer.

I’ll do my best to answer all your questions.

Then, I’ll do my own online research and provide you potential blog post categories and topics.

Step #2: Approve your topic(s)

After you approve the titles, I’ll immediately begin working on the first post.

I’ll personally write the blog for you.

Once the first blog post is complete, I’ll send it to you, ask for your feedback and you can see if I’m a good fit. (It takes 1 business day for the first post to be ready and another 1 day to do revisions and discuss feedback if necessary.)

Full Money Back Guarantee!

You’ll need to fund for the first post.

If, however, the post is NOT what you’re looking for… then I’ll quickly refund the price of the first post.

Step 3: My work begins

Once we both understand I’m a good fit, we’ll move on a regular blogging schedule. I’ll create a blogging schedule for you and keep it filled with titles.

I’ll begin to research, write, and uploading your posts as per schedule.

I’ll deliver your blog posts in either HTML format, doc, or PDF format.

Or, if you wish, I can even post your blog on your site for you – under ‘right’ categories, with proper meta tags…

… maintaining keyword density (KD)  around 2%-3%… so that your posts will have MORE chances of displaying in search engines such as Google, and Yahoo.

Why Choose Me?

Get highest quality content

Fast turnaround


Skilled and highly experienced copywriter (5+ years; over 500 customers)

What you’ll get with every blog post?

  • Complete blog management solution: online researching, writing, edit-proof reading, images and posting
  • Blog posts are written personally by me – a highly experienced writer with over 5+ years
  • The ‘right’ style of tone with just the right amount of words
  • Copy that’ll connect, convey, and communicate with your target audience
  • Grammatically correct and persuasive content
  • Search engine optimized content with highly searched keyword placement in proper places (meta tags, titles, URL, etc)
  • On-time delivery in any format, you’d like (doc, or PDF, etc)

Looking for targeted customers to your site? You can depend on me.

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