Blogging: How Blogs Work

A decade ago, blogs were first invented. They were often used as an online journal (a diary) where someone could write about their most inner feelings.

As time went by and blogging evolved, it became an “ideal platform” to share news and commentary.

In the final part of its evolution, many businesses started to use blogging as one of their social networking sites to promote their business. Why?

Simply because it was cost-effective and it reached a wide audience quickly.

How Blog Works?

A blog is a simple online tool where someone like you and me can create a new post and instantly have it appear to the world.

Blogging sites needs content – text, imagery, and video – to post on its pages.

The blogging design allows the most recent blog post to appear directly above others (previous posts/articles) on the page.

Because of this design, the target audience – visitors and readers and potential buyers to your site – who are viewing your blog will be able to see the most recent post at the top and scroll down to see any of the previous articles.

The Content Management System (CMS)

cmsThe CMS is an interface that you can use to easily post your ‘new’ content to your blogging site.

You simply login to your CMS, also known as the “Dashboard,” using your username and password.

Once inside the CMS, this interface will give you the opportunity to create a ‘new’ post and then post it to your site.

The CMS also allows you – the blogger/writer – to edit your previous entries that has already been posted on your site.

Moreover, you can also use the CMS as a way to manage all the comments that are left by your website visitors, change their blog theme, buttons, and icons.

Many of these tools offered to the blogger through free blogging sites – WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr – have their own CMS that may look different at first, but primarily function as the same.

The Design

How would you want your blog to appear to your viewer?

The blogging design is part of the overall blog setup process that allows you to create a blog in variety of ways: manually, automatically, or by design, all from inside the CMS.

The blog displays its site’s layout and content design the way it is specified in the code.Typically, it is a mix of CSS, HTML, and PHP.

However, most major blogging sites offer pre-set themes, where the blogger/writer simply clicks on the style and design they like with a click of a button, and the site is automatically transformed to its new beautiful design.

The Display

In addition to choosing the theme for your blogging site, you can also choose how you want your blog to display to your readers. For example, you can choose to display a site having a large center column, with two columns on each side, or one large column with only one small column on either side, or it may have NO columns at all.

If you want, you can also include a place – normally at the sidebar – where you display reader’s comments, blog archives, and advertisements.

The Content

No matter what you do, it is all up to you to decide exactly what type of content will be displayed on your site.You can create your own content, or find other people to write for you.

The more content you publish on your site, the more interested your readers will be.

With a small learning curve, anyone can become a blogger.

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