Blogging: How will YOU Benefit?

Blogging is a loosely thrown term that you must have heard about in many conversations.

What is a blog? Most people think that having a blog is just like having a diary where you talk about your feelings, emotions, and life in general. Others think that they need to understand the technology in order to become a successful blogger.

But those two concepts cannot be any far from the truth, and will also block you from success.

Most companies these days have a blog on their company website to establish their online presence in an online marketplace.

Meanwhile, a physical storefront is an advertisement in itself, the Internet is not so clear-cut.

Blogging allows business owners to reach out to a wider audience and expand their knowledge as entrepreneurs.

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How to Make a Blog?

To get started, you can use a simple blogging software, like WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr, depending on your needs. This way, you will not need to learn much about the the technology and get started quickly.

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What to Blog?

Besides venting out your frustrations about your life, you can blog about things that you enjoy blogging about, like about your hobbies, interests, and passion. Over time, a blog can establish yourself as a trustworthy brand that people will learn to recognize and appreciate.

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What are Your Benefits of Owning a Blog?

The biggest gift you get from a blog is your own voice.

As you start to talk more about specific topic that concerns you on a consistent basis, you will surely start to build a loyal fan following. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ cannot give you the space you require to offer a relevant and engaging content.

Blogging, on the other hand, gives you the space to create your own unique personality and voice that readers can trust and relate to.

In short, blogging allows you to relax and approach your advertising copy in a “laid-back” way with a casual topic. It gives you a way to add your personal touch to your advertising campaign.

A website never encourages your people (customers) to back and check your product and service again. On the other hand, a blog allows you to keep your audience interested and coming back for more…

Eventually, your loyal fans will start to search for interesting information through your blog instead of your website.

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It would be nice to have a web traffic, but it will never be as consistent as the traffic you receive to your blog.

And if you post new content on your blog regularly, people will most likely return to read the latest news. They will keep on coming back as long as you are engaging and know how to capture their attention.

After all, content is king, yeah?

Eventually, visitors to your blog will start to associate your blog with great content.

And as you lead your visitors from your blog to your website, eventually you will see a rise in the traffic flow to your site.

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Many businesses spend millions of dollars every year to bring more traffic to their website and to build trust with their brand.

While the television and radio are both popular media to reach a wide audience, but it is expensive!

Small home based businesses, especially those who are just starting out, do not have the ‘budget’ to invest so much money into that form of marketing.

Blogging provides an interesting and affordable alternative to social media marketing through Facebook and Twitter.

Blogging is a personal way to get to know your audience in such an impersonal world.

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So, it is a good idea to make a first good impression of your blog to your people.

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