Blogging: What to Blog About?

what to blog
what to blog

So, you have finally built your own blog. You also came up with a name for your blog, and also installed an attractive theme. Now comes the interesting part: writing your blog post.

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Are you at this stage? Perhaps not.

Maybe, you were little too impulsive, setting up a page before knowing its purpose – what your platform would be.

Well, guess what? This is NOT a rocket science.

No matter your purpose – for personal pleasure or for making money – the most important thing is that it should be fun.

Equally important is that you have to include yourself – YOUR voice – into your writing. Otherwise, it will sound effected, constrained … phony.

Readers can immediately tell when you are not being yourself.

When deciding to take up blogging, did you have a purpose in mind? Did you want to reach out to more people who share similar “passions” and “hobbies” as you do?

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Maybe, you love traveling different countries and want to share your unique experiences with other travelers. Perhaps, you love to playing poker and wanted to blog about all the poker related issues. Maybe, you just want to promote others’ products and services as an affiliate marketer. Or, maybe, just like so many bloggers, you wanted a place to share your deepest emotions, feelings, and idea – a kind of journal – to share with the community.

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No matter what you reasons are, you can write about anything on your blog. There is no limitations as to what you can or cannot blog about.

You can create “categories” for your blog posts: self development, make money online, internet and gadgets, health and fitness, travel, food and drinks, product reviews, and current events.

Where did you spend your New Year’s in 2015? What are the latest gadgets that will hit the market in 2016? Renovating your house? Preparing it for sale? You can blog about all these topics.

To be more effective at writing blogs, visit other blog pages and see how they are looking after their blogs. Soon, you will start to notice the blogs that are “unique” and “successful” that others.

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When you do, try to analyze why they are so successful and emulate their methods.

Blogging can be a pleasurable activity, or it could also be a money making tool.

No matter what your purpose, it is important that you build up a trust among your readers. That means giving them enough reasons to come back for more, and then, now and then, if it fits the blog post or its purpose, recommend a product or software or sign up with an AdSense account and let them insert relevant ads at the sidebar. Just be careful not to overdo it trying to profit from your readers.

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Very soon, ideas will start to flow freely.

Your blogs does NOT have to be meaningful and deep. Life is meaningful enough and variety are a welcome relief. So, it might take up a while to develop a following, however, if you are regular and consistent at it, eventually you will start seeing readers coming, and if they like what they see, they will keep coming back for more.

The most important step is to get started today, write regularly, and be yourself. There is a whole new world out there. The world of blogging is amazing.

Just go ahead and join in!

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