Brochure Writing

Good brochure writing is friendly, persuasive chat, written in language your readers can relate to. My brochure will  addresses your readers directly (use ‘you).

So, how can Abishek Rana help you with Brochure writing?

I make sure my brochure is easy to read.

Yes, your brochure might feel expensive, with gorgeous typography. But how to weave ton of text through it? By giving your readers a break and make it easy.

There will be bold headlines to draw the eye. Sub-headers to break up the text. Bullet list to make it easy to read. And, bold, CAPITALS, italics that screams ‘look at me! look at me!’

I will work with your web designer personally to break up the text with images, out-sized quotes, etc. No point in writing 5 page of kick-ass copy if you only require few lines of text.

And, of course, my copy will be easy to read. There will be a call to action at the end. It’s to persuade them to take the next step: to get in touch with you.

Contact me to get persuasive brochure writing.