Cloud Hosting: What Is Cloud Hosting & When to Use It

what is cloud hosting & how does it work image
what is cloud hosting & how does it work image

Websites can grow quickly, and even so, they do not crash. Why do you think popular websites such as Facebook and Google always run online and never crash? Because they use a simple yet highly effective system to avoid server crash: cloud hosting.

In this post, we will take a closer look at the cloud host technologies – their key features, inner structures, and how they function – so that you understand when and why you should use it.

Cloud Hosting – The Important Thing!

what is cloud hosting services image
what is cloud hosting services image

The name “cloud host” represents the fractal structure of clouds, which led to the creation of this hosting technology. In fact, the term “cloud hosting” represents many servers interconnected to function as a single network, where all are capable of substituting the other and take additional loads, and provide you with unlimited possibilities.

In most scenarios, the cloud is interconnected in such as way that a set of servers may contain the same information, which allows redistribution of load among several racks. This is how Google, YouTube, and Facebook services work. Cloud services are excellent for mobile apps, SaaS apps, eCommerce projects, enterprise apps, corporate websites, and more.

When Dedicated Server Falls Short

Dedicated servers are great, but they are not reliable when your site starts to grow at enormous speed. That’s when cloud host become a great solution: they allow your websites to handle large number of website visitors without losing quality.

Sure, clouds can be expensive for you, but if you are not ready to pay that price, expect your projects to crash several times during the blackouts.

Types of Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting Types Image
Cloud Hosting Types Image

You will find three types of cloud hosting on the web: public, private, and hybrid cloud.

#1: Public Clouds, also the most popular cloud hosting type, offers you a set of servers that you can used to store your files and data. Public clouds are considered to be the most efficient and highly agile web hosting solution.

#2: Private Clouds, on the other hand, are more expensive, but you get your own cloud – meaning, you get all the features of public clouds along with many other attractive bonuses. For example, you can install your very own private cloud in your location so that your people (web developers and web masters) can instantly access them. Private clouds are great hosting solution where speed and storage are the main priorities

#3: Hybrid Cloud offers all the features of both public and private cloud hosting. Different web hosts provide different solutions, but usually you will get a certain part of a public cloud for your dedicated usage. In addition, you can connect one or several dedicated servers to such hybrids – which will add even more capacity for your websites.

Public/Private or Hybrid Cloud – Which One to Choose?

what is cloud hosting & how does it work image
what is cloud hosting & how does it work image

Even though everything is up to you, there are few important factors you should always consider. First, ask yourself, “Do I really require a private cloud?” If the answer is not a firm “Yes,” then go for a hybrid solution or even a public cloud host.

Secondly, consider how much capacity (traffic/bandwidth/processing speed, etc) you require.  If you have a website that is very popular, and it requires tons of resources, then go for a private cloud – it will give you the optimal performance.

Thirdly, consider the price. No matter your budget size, it is always prudent to think about saving your hard-earned money. This, you can do by purchasing a public cloud hosting rather than a private cloud solution.

What if Everything is Not Enough

As of now, cloud hosting is the most effective and world-class solution for web hosting requirements.  But when cloud hosting solutions are not just enough for you, then there are two best possible solutions: create your own web hosting center, or hire a group of web scientists to create even a greater efficient web hosting technology. Sounds like a day-dream to you, but why not – only dreamers bring their projects to unseen heights.

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