Do You Make These 10 Common SEO Mistakes?

Be aware of common SEO mistakes that we always make, and learn how to get around it.

Do You Make These 10 Common SEO Mistakes?

We make mistakes, even if things are repetitive. And when it comes to WordPress users, they make mistakes for several reasons.

They could be new to WordPress, and hence, not have enough knowledge how to perform task A, B, and C. The other reason why they make WordPress mistakes because these website owners were in a rush to get everything up and running.

No matter whatever the case, this post will make you aware of common SEO mistakes that we always make and how to get around it.

Mistake #1 : Not Creating Well-Written Content

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There are two popular ways that to get large quantity of content for your website: a) hiring low paid writers and/or b) using spinner tools – software that generates spun article from the original and makes it unique. This is a big mistake you could be doing? Why? Well, although your article might be optimized for search engines, you also need to think about the user experience.

These days, people can immediately tell whether the content is unique and valuable or not. If it’s not, you will lose their trust and have much difficult time convincing them to take action.

So, if you want to outsource content, make sure to hire professional writers who can create original content that you would be proud to share with your website visitors and customers. Of course, you might have to pay them a little bit more, but it will result into more conversions, which will be a far better investment, don’t you think?

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Mistake #2: Not Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

10 Deadly WordPress SEO Mistakes You Want to Avoid - Not Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Many people are switching to using mobile devices today, so it is very important that your website is mobile friendly. There are of course WordPress plugin available for free to make your website responsive in all kinds of mobile devices, but the design is fixed and not that impressive.

Rather than using a plugin, we highly suggest that you use a WordPress them that is responsive.

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Mistake #3: Not using Google Analytics

10 Deadly WordPress SEO Mistakes You Want to Avoid - Not Using Google Analytics

Having an analytic tool such as Google Analytics is a great way to keep track of your visitors behavior, fix page errors (page not found errors), and enhance user experience in general. At least, you should be using these two plugins: Google Analytics for WordPress or WP Analytics Tracking.

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Mistake #4: Not Creating/Submitting a XML Sitemap

If you are not going to tell the search engine which pages to index, it will simply start to index everything on your website. So, make sure that you create a XML sitemap and submit.

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Mistake #5: Not Backing Up Your Files

10 Deadly WordPress SEO Mistakes You Want to Avoid - Not Making WordPress Backup

Making frequent backups of everything on your site – files and database – is very important. The server may crash, or your database could be compromised by external attacks from hackers.

So, it is vital that you regularly make a recent backup of your WordPress files and database. We highly suggest that you use VaultPress plugin to backup your WordPress website. Although there is a small fee ($5/month) for using this plugin, but it will be like insurance for your website and will save you a lot of headaches should your website crash or is hacked in the future.

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Mistake #6: Not Making Your URLs SEO-friendly

10 Deadly WordPress SEO Mistakes You Want to Avoid - Not Making SEO-Friendly URLs

When you install WordPress on your server, by default, the URLs of your web pages and posts will not be SEO-friendly. In fact, your WordPress URL will have a vague and mysterious structure such as, making it difficult for Google search engine robots to know what the page is about.

You can easily make the URLs SEO-friendly by logging to your WordPress Dashboard and clicking on the “%postname%” radio button option under the “Settings > Permalinks.”

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Mistake #7: Not Using Quality WordPress Themes and Plugins

10 Deadly WordPress SEO Mistakes You Want to Avoid - Not Using Quality WordPress Themes and Plugins

Use WordPress themes and plugin from reliable sources because you will most likely get a support, if you need it. Also, make sure to frequently update your WordPress theme and plugin.

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Mistake #8: Not Categorizing & Tagging Your Posts/Pages “Properly”

deadly wordpress seo mistakes to avoid imagesCategories and tags offer wonderful opportunities to enhance engagement and website traffic. They make it easier for your website visitors to find what they were looking for and also boost your on-page SEO.

Although Google may not rank properly categorized and tagged web pages and posts in search engine rankings, it will make search engine robots to get a much better idea on the keywords that are most relevant to your site by just looking at them.

On the other hand, if done poorly, it can cause a visitor to leave your site and never come back again.

Mistake # 9: Not Optimizing Your Website for the ‘Right’ Keyword Phrases

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This is another mistake a lot of WordPress users make: optimizing their website for global or generic keywords when they actually offer their services to only local users.

Generic keywords drive website traffic to your site that have NO interests in what you have to offer to them. These keywords bring people who are looking for nothing but free information, not those people who may be interested in buying something.

Also, broad keywords have a lot of competition, so getting on the 1st page of Google becomes even difficult task.

Rather, try to target specific keywords as possible because it leads to fast rankings and generate more qualified leads to you. For example, rather than targeting the keyword “web designer” in your posts/pages, try using “web design services in <insert your city>”, which will lead you to fast rankings and generate more qualified target.

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Mistake #10: Not Having a Contact Us Form

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Your website is not only to offer information about your products and services, but also to engage and communicate with your potential customers. By having a contact form, you are allowing your visitors to get in touch with you. If you are worried about annoying “spam comments,” then maybe you should try install an anti-spam plugin like Akismet.

Over to you…

Have you made any of these above mentioned WordPress SEO mistakes with your SEO campaign? What other common types of mistakes you see other website owners make, and what methods you can think to fix them? Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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