Do You Really Need to Use LinkShare?

Should You Join LinkShare
Should You Join LinkShare

Affiliate marketing is the simplest, fastest, effective, yet cheapest way to promote products and services. With over millions of users accessing the Internet every day, the web merchant has a great opportunity to introduce his/her products and services to a larger market, hence, maximizing his/her profits significantly.

For a home-based affiliate marketer, on the other hand, affiliate marketing is a great vehicle to make a full-time income.

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Those who are tired of grueling 8-hour work in the office, affiliate marketing offers something ‘new’ – a great chance to make it BIG without wearing oneself out physically, emotionally, and mentally.

In affiliate marketing, both parties win. The merchants earn revenues from each item sold, while the marketer earns a commission for his/her efforts.

So, if you are interested in affiliate marketing but having a difficult time finding affiliate programs, merchants or affiliates, then you can start your ‘search’ by visiting various affiliate networks. This is because many affiliate programs available in the Internet are offered through an affiliate network, which acts as a bridge between the merchants and affiliates.

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Among those affiliate networks, LinkShare is the most popular. This is where you will find both merchants and affiliates. LinkShare manages affiliate programs for a huge number of merchants who are involved in all kinds of business, and offers all kinds of products and services.

In fact, LinkShare network maintains over 6,000 affiliate members. It makes profits by collecting set-up fees, commissions, and monthly account maintenance fees from its members.

By joining networks such as LinkShare, you establish a strong online marketing business for yourself. Whether you a merchant or a marketer, you have to research well to find the best partners for your online business.

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By joining LinkShare, you establish a strong online marketing business for yourself.

LinkShare offers a convenient place for finding a large network of advertisers, also merchants, who offer their affiliate program to publishers, or affiliates, who are willing to market and sell their products.

Likewise, network such as LinkShare gives the merchants a wonderful opportunity to find a pool of affiliate marketers who are searching for affiliate marketing opportunities.

LinkShare Creates a ‘Win-Win’ Situation for Both Parties

LinkShare is particularly advantageous for an affiliate in selecting his partners because all his options are found in this ‘one’ location. It would make it easier for him to compare products, commission rates, and other benefits offered by merchants.

The merchant, on the other hand, waits for an ‘interested’ affiliate to sign up for his/her affiliate program. However, since he/she is already in a large network such as LinkShare, he/she automatically increases his/her chance of promoting his/her products to a wider and larger market. This will ultimately maximize his/her potential to earn huge revenues.

Why Join LinkShare?

If you were not sure whether you should join a large affiliate network such as LinkShare or not, then let me help you take a closer look at this network so that you understand its positive as well as negative sides.

Pros and Cons of Joining LinkShare:

Pros #1: Convenience for the Affiliate Marketer

The ‘primary’ advantage of joining LinkShare as an affiliate is convenience. As mentioned earlier, you find all pieces of information about your selections (merchants and products and services, etc) at the same time all in a single location. This will help you save your precious time and effort that may go wasted looking for affiliate programs or merchants individually.

Pros #2: Easiest to Keep Track of Performance of a Particular Affiliate Program/Merchant

When you join LinkShare network, it becomes easier to keep track of the performance of your partners (merchants). The monthly reports, statements and commission rates and sales will help you figure out whether the ‘particular’ affiliate program is still worthy of your time and effort.

If you have signed up for multiple affiliate programs, you can view the statistics of each merchant you are affiliated with by simply logging once to your account.

Pros #3: Manage and Maintain All Records of Your Visitors

LinkShare also helps you manage and maintain all records pertaining to your visitors. You can monitor records like visitor’s click-throughs and sales through your LinkShare dashboard. It will also take care of your commissions and pays it to you every month in lump sum. If you are affiliated with more than one merchant, LinkShare makes it easier for you to manage all your accounts with them. It also helps you keep track of your earnings from all of your partners.

Pros #4: Information is Accurate and Secured

Every information about your merchants and visitors you receive is accurate and secured. This protects you from all kinds of risks that you may encounter in the future.

Benefits #5: It’s FREE

LinkShare is free to sign up. Yes, you heard that right. You can receive all these wonderful benefits free. All you have to do is visit their website and sign up for free. Immediately, you will get an access to a wide range of affiliate programs that is available for you.

Cons of LinkShare

So what are the negatives of joining LinkShare, you ask. Although there are many wonderful benefits of joining an affiliate networks such as LinkShare, it has some pitfalls that you should be aware of.

Cons #1: Lower commissions

The merchants offers lower commissions to affiliates who partner with them through a third-party program network such as LinkShare. This happens because the merchant has to pay a percentage of their profits to LinkShare as well for the use of their services and the technology. On the other hand, direct partnership with the merchant may cut the cost of advertising through the network. This way, the affiliate has a bigger chance of earning more.

Cons #2: Payment may be delayed

It is possible that your payment may be stalled for a month or so because affiliate program network such as LinkShare only pays you after the advertiser (merchant) has paid them.

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Conclusion: Do You Really Need to Use LinkShare or Any Other Networks?

The answer: it depends!

It is better to form a ‘direct’ partnership with the merchant; however, this option may not always be applicable. This is because a lot of merchants offer their affiliate program only through a affiliate program network such as LinkShare, and hence, you have no other choice than joining the network to find profitable affiliate marketing programs.

Seems like you are facing a “take it or leave it” situation, don’t you?

However, to be honest, I do not think LinkShare or any other program networks are not that bad for affiliates like you. After all, whether you join it or not, your earning potential does not depend on it. In fact, your earning potential mostly depends more on your promotional strategies and three ‘character traits’ we mentioned in other post.

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