In affiliate marketing, the most important thing is the website traffic. No traffic, on the other hand, means any sales. That is why most affiliates spend so much money just to get to the top 10 rankings on search engines such as Google.

Once you have an affiliate website set up with all the hot-selling products or services to promote, you need to drive visitors (traffic) to it so that they may convert into a loyal customers for your business.

This is probably one of the most important rules to be successful in online marketing business such as affiliate marketing.

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All you need is just get started and do it ‘right’, and although you may make some mistakes you can still manage to succeed. Do NOT get it ‘wrong’ the first time because no matter how hard you work, you will never be able to find yourself on the way to success.

I bet everyone will agree when I say this: bringing enough targeted traffic to your site is the KEY to success in affiliate marketing. The method I am going to reveal is proven very effective in promoting or reselling products or services online.

It is the best and the most secured marketing strategies that you, as an affiliate, can employ, and it is called ‘paying for performance.’ What that means is that your investments are only going to be used on results such as additional sales and incomes.

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Let me illustrate it with an example. Paying for performance could mean paying a commission to a sales person only when he/she makes a new sale. This ensures guaranteed profits for you, as you will already know how much money you will have to spend for every new sale.

This will also prevent you from spending any marketing money because every cent you use either will come from a sale or will generate a sale in the future.

And the most effective and proven ways of boosting sales in affiliate marketing is by driving laser-targeted traffic to your website and converting them to sales by means of “Pay-Per-Click” search engines, or PPCSEs.

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Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo Search Marketing, or YSM is the Internet’s most popular pay-per-click search engine. It is the leading resource of ‘pay for performance’ search on the web. The best thing about using YSM: when you advertise in YSM premium listings, your website will absolutely appear in the leading search engines like Yahoo, MSN, InfoSpace, Netscape, Lycos, AltaVista, and more. In addition, you also get the added bonus of reaching more than 80% of active Internet users.

PPCSEs such as YSM can generate significant sales for your affiliate business because they allow you to pay for performance basis by means of driving laser-targeted traffic to your niche. You will be driving people to your website that are actively and precisely searching for what you are promoting or selling.

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The secret to driving highly targeted traffic to your site using YSM is by bidding/proposing on keywords that are highly relevant to the product or services that you are promoting. Moreover, the more ‘exact’ the keywords are, the better your results will be and the less you will have to spend for each new sale.

YSM brings highly targeted traffic to your site by filtering out all the ‘general’ keywords that are broad and expensive, and only targeting ‘laser-focused’ keywords that are more targeted, no so expensive, and with high conversion ratio.

Just let me tell you: driving laser-targeted traffic via YSM is nothing but a “win-win” situation.

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Tactics Used by YSM to Drive “Laser-Targeted Traffic” to Your Site:

Tactic #1: Get Them to Respond

YSM’s strategy also lets your visitors to respond. What happens when your visitors respond? Well, you will be able to develop a long-lasting customer relationship with your customers who will patronize your products and will purchase from you over and over again.

Remember that a one-time sale is not enough to create a highly profitable business, especially online. You can only achieve back-to-back sales through PPCSEs like Overture, which compels your site visitors to respond.

Once that happens, you can continuously market and sell products to them.

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Tactic #2: Back Up Response

Here is another strategy Overture uses to drive targeted traffic to your site. They uses a “back-up response” for those visitors who “almost bought” your product on their first visit.

To do this, you need to promote and advertise your products or services to them repeatedly until they convert into a new customer. One way is to offer them an ‘incentive’ so that they will allow you to advertise to them over a particular span of time by means of e-mail or post mail.

Here are strategies for back-up responses:

  1. sending a free e-mail newsletter
  2. giving a free catalog
  3. offering a promo or sweepstakes, giving them a chance to win free merchandise
  4. giving discounts to valued customers
  5. giving special offers to loyal customers

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The above-mentioned strategies to drive laser-targeted traffic to your site will definitely develop a healthy and long-lasting relationship between you and your customers. In addition to patronizing your products and services over their lifetime, they may also refer others to you or your site.

Conclusion: Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic Using Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM)Yahoo

There are several effective and secured marketing strategies one can utilize, especially those involved in the online marketing, and pay per performance is definitely the most preferred one. It is one of the most useful online strategies to generate more sales by driving highly-targeted traffic to your site and converting them to sales through pay-per-click search engines such as YSM.

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