Email Writing

How many emails do you receive with words Urgent! Hot! Free! in the subject line? Plenty, I guess. Does it make you open them? Or reach for the “delete” button?

Get quality email writing from Abishek Rana

Effective writing involves skills that comes with practice and exposure. What does my effective email writing include?

Well, an eye-catching subject line that quickly outlines what the message is about and lets your readers know what is in it for them. It will include an offer that they cannot refuse to grab. And it will be in a few characters as possible.

The email will be crisp, sharp, and short to get the offer on the table very quickly. The layout will be easy to scan and simple. The tone of the voice will be appropriate for the reader. Of course, there won’t be any spelling and grammar mistakes.

The email will be customized and include a “unsubscribe” link. Also, there will be a call-to-action text such as “Reply to this email.” “Call this number.” “Visit this website to order”.