Essential Elements of a GOOD Web Design

Essential Elements of a Good Web Design
Essential Elements of a Good Web Design

A well-designed website can help a business attract more customers and make sales. It helps website owners to inform their visitors about their company, products, and offers. A poorly-designed website, on the other hand, will only make visitors click on the ‘back’ button.

There are few elements of web design that you need to incorporate into your website and others that needs to be avoided at all costs.

Other elements should be used carefully.

Critical Elements of a Good Website

Website Element #1: Make it Load Faster

One of the most important elements of a good website is its speed. If your website is not loading fast, soon most of your visitors will be leaving your site.

The best way to keep your website, and web pages, loading faster is to keep things simple. Avoid using large website elements, such as a heavy images, audios, animations, and/or videos. Also, remove heavy codes from your web pages, and keep it clean and simple.

Website Element #2: Have Clearly Defined Goal(s)

In addition to keeping things simple, you website must also have a clearly defined goal. Maybe you want your users to sign up for your e-mail list, or buy a product. So, make it easier for your visitors to access your site and do what you want them to do.

For example, if you want your visitors to sign up for your newsletters, then place a sign up form in a top position of every page. Include a call to action, and for best results, an incentive for signing up – i.e. giving them a free e-book or gift cards or something else.

On the other hand, if you want to sell a product, make it very easy for your visitors to add products to their cart, and to check out.

Remember: Always keep the purpose of your website in mind. Provide a call to action. Most importantly, make it clear what your visitors should do and where they should be going.

Website Element #3: Keep the Navigation Simple

Keep your website navigation simple. You do not want your visitors (potential customers) looking all over your website, trying to find what they were looking for. Place it at the top of each page, with links to every important section on your website.

Additionally, you can place navigation on the sidebar, or at the bottom of your web page. This will make it even easier for your visitors to browse through your website and find what they were looking for.

Website Element #4: Give Careful Consideration to the Colors

When you are designing your website, be extra careful while choosing the colors.

This is because different colors have different meanings. Red can mean passion, but also mean danger. Blue, orange, and green have a calming effect on the users. Likewise, green color could be associated with money, and of course, outdoors.

So, make sure that the colors that you choose reflect back the overall theme/topic of your website.

If you use multiple colors on your website, make sure the colors complement each other.

Conclusion: Essential Elements of a GOOD Web Design

You see, designing a website is not that difficult, but you need to have a plan before you start building one. If you think/feel you do not have time or skills to design a website yourself, then you can always hire a professional web designer to do the task.

Nonetheless, whether you are designing your website yourself or hiring someone else, just remember to keep your design simple and easy to browse through. Make it user-friendly, and soon, you will start to see more visitors flocking to your website repeatedly.

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