Free PLR Articles …The Perfect Way To Create Unique Articles! “I Never Run Out of Ideas — Here’s How You Can Too!”

No more brainstorming of ideas.

major benefits of using plr articles

No more brainstorming of ideas.

How to Never Run Out of Blog Ideas, Again?

Are you running an online business? Then, you’ll absolutely love this 900+PLR (private label rights) articles… available for download TODAY – for FREE!

PLR articles are private label rights, which means you can use them as you like – for commercial or non-commercial use.

These articles are…

high-quality written by pro writers…

well-researched articles, with tonnes of valuable information…

This means you’ll save a lot of headaches (and your cherished time) of having to research the web on same topics.

You can avoid all the headaches, simply by downloading these PLR articles, and instantly create unique articles using already provided invaluable information if you like, as they’re…

incredibly affordable (MORE affordable than “unique” articles)…

… because, for the price of a single unique article, you can download the entire set of PLR articles. This way, you’ll save plenty of hard-earned money on content marketing.

The best thing about PLR articles is that you can use it… however you want it.

It’s all up to you!

And that’s not all.

These PLR articles are…

…available in broad range of topics!

Let me ask you something: If you had to craft a blog post on a topic that you’re not familiar with, you’d definitely freak out, wouldn’t you? I’ve been there million of times. But, when you have these pack of well-written articles on your bag of resources, it will instantly solve those problems…

… because these 900+ PLR articles are written in a wide range of topics – from web traffic, self-improvement, online dating, and email marketing, and many others. You’ll definitely find articles in your niche here. You just have to download it now, open the “treasure trove” and

…never ever… run out of ideas for your blog topics, again!

You see, many writers suffer from one common problem – the writer’s block. If you find yourself in this frightful situation again, you know what to do: simply fire up your MS Word, browse through your “magic bag” of PLR articles, and instantly re-write them as if it were your own!

It really doesn’t matter what you’re writing – a personal blog or a newsletter for email marketing. This method will always work, and…

… saves you a plenty of precious time!

I know, you’re in a rush and don’t have much time. That’s why PLR articles are here to save your day – they’re already pre-written, meaning you don’t have to research, write, and proofread, and check for spellings and grammar again…  or any of that “boring” stuff, like most writers, do.

Simply, download and use these 900+ PLR articles on your website to create blog posts, “how to” tutorials, free report, online courses, and everything else on the planet…

With all these awesome benefits, it’s no surprise that many online business owners are now turning to PLR articles for their writing needs.

That’s why, I think, YOU should too.

Here’s how you can use these free PLR articles on your website:

You can re-write each article or spin them using software such as The Best Spinner.  Then post them on your blog, or simply submit them to high PR article directories to build quality backlinks to your site.

And you know what? These PLR articles are…

100% free to use.

That means you can sell these articles in packages and make extra bucks through your site, almost overnight. You can even include your website URL and distribute to even build more backlinks.

Remember – these free articles are written in the profitable niches such as Affiliate Marketing, eBay Marketing, Child Care, Email Marketing, Gardening, Ezine Marketing, Google Adsense, Self Improvement, Online Dating, Web Design, and Web Traffic, and many other lucrative niches.

You can use them to create an original content. You just need is to be a little bit creative. Instead of using the same titles of these articles, head over to Google and type the title to see what pops up in the search results. If you find any titles that seem unique and catchy, copy and paste them into your notepad. (Tip: Grab at least three different titles.) Look at each title and try to see if you can come up with your version.

Once you’ve done that, simply open the PLR file and…

… re-write it completely.

Warning: Do NOT copy any sentence. Just read the whole paragraph, once or twice, and then write in your own words. If you have trouble writing, go back to the paragraph to understand the main point, and look at your notes. Jot down points you missed. This is how I compose unique articles for my website, duh.

With these free pack of articles, your website will always have fresh content. But I hear some of you saying, “Oh, but these PLR articles are slightly old, so it may not sound fresh.”

So what?

There are still countless tips, advice, and guidance that are still as fresh today as it was several years ago. And if you really need more fresh tips, just research a little more on Google, note those points down, and add to your articles to make it 100% unique.

After that, keep posting…

fresh articles regularly on your website…

… to create free high-quality backlinks from external sites, especially the High PR site, for better search engine rankings. If you want to jump in the search engine ladder, you need to build tonnes of backlinks to your site. You can use these free PLR articles for that exact purpose.

You can also submit these articles on LinkedIn to build more backlinks.

Re-writing content should not take more than 20 minutes.

Here’s how I do it: I copy and paste the whole thing and then read the whole paragraph before writing everything I understood. And then, within 15 minutes, I come up with great content such, like this post you’re reading.

Each of these articles is 500 to 600 word long, and each niche has at least 10 to 30 articles. You can either rewrite the whole 500-600 word article or publish the same length of the article on your website, or you could combine several similar articles and make it a long article – 1,500 to 2,000-word article – and post on your website. (Long-form article helps decrease ‘bounce rate’ and increase user engagement.)

If you are an online business owner, you already know low bounce rate and user engagement are critical factors in determining the search engine rankings of your web pages – and your website as a whole. This means, the longer your articles are, the longer your visitors will stay on your web pages, which ultimately help you to boost conversions on your site.

People staying longer on your website mean they trust you and find your content interesting and useful for their purposes. So if you continue to write long and useful articles, people will often come back for more. And the more they are engaged, the more they will…

trust you!

This trust will eventually lead to many things – more sign ups, click-throughs, leads, and sales.

Don’t you want to generate MORE conversion on your website?

Of course, you do! So, use these PLR articles, today, and now, while it’s still here on this page – available for FREE. Quickly plough through one and rewrite one, and post on your website, at your own time. It’s that simple. Make sure, you keep writing on a regular basis. Do not quit. It’s the number one “secret” of becoming successful online.

Of course, as time passes and as you collect more feedbacks from your users, you will also learn how to create quality content for your visitors. But for now, you can use these PLR articles to get into the practice of writing something new on a regular basis for your site. The PLR pack already has over 900 articles!

They are in the popular niche as well.

The topics are also trendy while most of them are…

evergreen articles!

Evergreen articles are fresh and relevant to your users. Most of the tips that people come to read online have not changed so much. Only tiny bits have changed, but most of the techniques are the same. So these PLR content will be useful for your visitors.

Moreover, it will help you get on the track of writing regularly for your site/blog. I understand how many times we skip writing just because we do not have anything worthy of writing. Not anymore!

When you have these PLR articles at your disposal, you’ll…

never have to worry about running out of topics to write about.

Even if you write 1 article per day, you will still have over 3 years worth of content for your website. Now, just think about it. In three years, where will you be if you continue writing for your website/blog? You will definitely be ranking on higher pages of search results for many topics, most likely on the 1st page of Google.

You will already be driving tonnes of traffic to your site by then.

You will also be creating content for them by reading through their comments and requests. And by that time, you will no longer need PLR articles because you will already know how to come up with killer content that will be interesting and useful for your readers.

For now, start with this PLR package so that you…

never face the dreaded ‘writer’s block’ or the ‘blank pages.’

Do not let your creativity stuck just because you do not have a good topic to write about.

Start from anywhere. Search Google. Visit forums. Visit blogs and see what people are writing about. See which content gets more shares. If you can figure out trendy topics yourself, go ahead and create your own content. Do not use this PLR package.

It is fine. I am not forcing you because you already are good to go.

But for those who are new to blogging and want to make money from writing articles, these PLR content is the best way to get started.

So, how do you download these PLR articles?

Well, it’s simple. To download, just hit the button and the download will start immediately. The download will take less than few seconds… because all files are in text files. They are very small sized files. You will be downloading and writing in 1 minute.

So, go ahead and start posting unique, original, and useful articles for your readers. Make them happy and they will make you happy by converting into leads or sales.

Today, you’re in luck. You can say goodbye to not making money online from writing your own articles online. In 1 to 6 months from now, you could be making passive income on the side. Within 6 to 12 months, you could be on the verge of replacing your 9-5 job, if you write articles on a consistent basis.

I mean, writing every week, at least, 3 times a week so that you get into the habit of writing. If you love writing or blogging, these PLR articles will help you become even a better writer. All you have to is to be willing, and you shall receive everything that is there for you to have.

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  1. Hello Abishek, thanks for the PLR articles pack, I just downloaded it. I’m looking for PLR articles I can resell as PLR, with a non-transferable PLR license. Do you perhaps know of any good suppliers? Especially in the big evergreen niches. Let me know and thank you for the awesome share! 🙂

    • Hi Mozie,

      Thanks for downloading those PLR articles. I had kept that to bring more traffic to my site. I found those on the Internet, but I cannot remember exactly where. I had more than 9k articles, but I crashed my laptop few months ago. So, I lost it. But you should find on the Internet if you do a quick search for “free PLR articles” … 🙂

      Keep coming back for more.


    • Hi Fashionmama,

      I am happy that you found value in it. Did you get your free PLR articles for promotion? If not, do it now. 🙂

      Anyways, keep coming back for more… I’m going to release even more FREE articles next week.

    • Thank you Nayna for coming here and reading the post.

      I am glad you found value in it.

      Did you grab the free articles for promotion? You can do so by clicking on the button.

      Anyways, keep coming back for more…

      I’ll be posting more free stuffs on my site.