FREE WORDPRESS THEMES! Breathtaking themes you’ve never seen before.

Give a Twist to Your “Boring Website” with THESE Gorgeous, Responsive, and SEO-Friendly (and FREE) WordPress Themes
Give a Twist to Your “Boring Website” with THESE Gorgeous, Responsive, and SEO-Friendly (and FREE) WordPress Themes

The breathtaking "ColorMag" theme and 9 other themes that will make your website generate outrageous profits

Hi Readers,

So you’re looking for some free WordPress themes for 2017 to turn your plain- and boring-looking website into gorgeous, SEO-friendly, and responsive website, then today could be your lucky day. At the bottom of this post, you can find top 10 jaw-dropping, responsive, and SEO-friendly WordPress themes. Simply download and use any of them – or all – in your website… and give it a much needed makeover it deserves! All for FREE!

By the way, that frustrated guy I mentioned in the title of this post, was no one other than me. I was desperately looking for free WordPress themes for my newly designed website. I was looking for few essential features to make my website stand out from the rest:

  • First, they all had to be free (I didn’t want to pay anything now).
  • Secondly, they need to look professional- and gorgeous, of course.
  • Thirdly, they needed to be both SEO- and user-friendly so that they’d help my website display properly in search engines and bring a flood of new, and make them stay longer on my website by making everything easily accessible to them.
  • Fourthly, they had to be easy extremely easy to install and load faster on any browsers,
  • And finally, they should not look anything like a blog. You know how tiresome it is when your website looks like a blog.

After spending hours on the Internet, I finally found these awesome WordPress themes that not only met all of my requirements, but also exceeded it.

So if you’re tired of your website looking like a blog, clueless why your website is not displaying in properly in search engine results (even when you have awesome content), and don’t have any experience in programming, then I highly recommend that you start your blog with these amazing 10 WordPress themes for 2017. It’s FREE to use!

Important: At the end of the post, I’ll also reveal you a “secret” that most elite website owners use to find more free WordPress themes like these, in an instant, and with just a click of a button!

So, hurry up and grab it – or all of them – while you’re still here.

Download Instruction: To download any of these free WordPress themes, simply right click on the “Download” link, select “Save Link As…” menu option, and finally hit the “Save” button to save the file to your computer.

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Top 10 Responsive, Gorgeous, and SEO-friendly (and Free) WordPress Themes That’ll Breath Life to Your Website:

FREE WordPress Theme #1: ColorMag
colormag - free wordpress themes
colormag – free wordpress themes

ColorMag is probably one of the best free WordPress themes out there today. If you don’t want to use a WordPress blog theme, ColorMag is the theme you should be go for. It is free, attractive, and designed for a magazine style blog.

It will give a whole new look for your average blogging site.

It comes with a rotating home slider where you can insert featured articles. News and articles can also be displayed in a colorful section that makes it distinct from each other.

Plus, it has a couple of places where you can insert Google Ad code: in the header and sidebar, which will generate more clicks for you.

They also offer a free support for you.

Demo | Download
FREE WordPress Theme #2: Engrave
engrave - free wordpress theme
engrave – free wordpress theme

The Engrave free WordPress themes looks quite impressive with its dark design that is complemented with colorful buttons that display on hover. You can use this free WordPress themes to create stunning portfolio and blog to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

It has a box layout and lets you add custom background, unlimited sidebars, unlimited colors and over 600 Google fonts. They also offer you free support and you can easily customize using its theme option panel. This free WordPress theme was designed for high-density (HD) screens so that images will always look sharper; not to mention it is also responsive.

You can also add all of your social profile links within seconds.

Engrave free WordPress themes for 2016 was designed for SEO, from code to design, so that you can rank for your web pages than other sites that were not designed for SEO.

Demo | Download
FREE WordPress Theme #3: Appointment Green
appointment green - free wordpress themes
appointment green – free wordpress themes

I like this free WordPress themes as it seems ideal for corporate / business websites. It is actually a child theme, with sections such as rotating slider, services section, and widget areas. The color green makes this website look clean and elegant.

Demo | Download
FREE WordPress Theme #4: Aqueduct
aqueduct - free wordpress themes
aqueduct – free wordpress themes

Aqueduct turns out to be a magazine theme blog for WordPress. The screenshot is obviously clean, eye-catching with a static slider for featured articles, breaking news bar. Further down, the theme is broken down into important sections and the sidebar widget displays recent comments, archives, and other sections.

Further research revealed that this free WordPress theme comes with a “advance theme builder” that allows you to build ‘customized’ website with a click of a button. According to its developer, Aqueduct theme is compatible with WooCommerce and BBPress that allows you create a online shopping store and discussion forum on the fly.

Demo | Download
FREE WordPress Theme #5: CutsNStyle
cutnstyle - free wordpress themes
cutnstyle – free wordpress themes

The screenshot of this free WordPress themes for 2016 looks quite attractive, with a picture of a young model in one of the homepage slides. The above half contains sections for logo, tagline, call to action, contact info, slider, and a welcome message, while the bottom half looks like any other listing of articles.

According to its developer, this free WordPress themes is responsive and was specially designed for salon, spa, parlor, and local business, but you can use it for personal and portfolio or for photography purposes.

It is also compatible with WooCommerce so that you can open an online shop easily.

Demo | Download
FREE WordPress Theme #6: Zerif Lite
zerif - free wordpress themes
zerif – free wordpress themes

Zerif Lite looks stupendous. It is a one page free WordPress themes. The upper fold of thep page contains a logo, navigation bar, and homepage slider with call to action buttons that does grab your attention. The homepage slider image contains a bold white text that reads, “ONE OF THE TOP 10 MOST POPULAR THEMES ON WORDPRESS” and I think it’s true.

Scroll down the page and you will find important sections come to life: “features” sections where you can list major features of your products and services with a catchy graphic headers. Further down, in the “About” section, you can add details of your business.

In “your team” section, you can add picture images of your staffs, assign their roles and social media profile links. Further down, in the “Testimonials” section, you can insert up to three testimonials about your products and services to display your credibility to your visitors and build trust.

The “Latest News” section list breaking news that is powered by a slider so that you can skip for more news.

Lastly, these free WordPress themes for 2016 contains a easy and clean contact form and contact details in the footer section.

Demo | Download
FREE WordPress Theme #7: MyMagazine
colormag - free wordpress themes
colormag – free wordpress themes

Mymagazine is a clean, multi-purpose WordPress themes for 2016. It’s colorful magazine style design is perfect for creating news websites dedicated to tech, travel, and sports.

FREE WordPress Theme #8: Vantage
vantage - free wordpress themes
vantage – free wordpress themes

At first sight, Vantage theme looks catchy, with the home page slider at the top fold. Everything else look minimal, clean, and in correct positions, making it an ideal free WordPress theme for 2016 and for one of your online business site. It does not look anything like a WordPress blog to be sure, so you will be happy to different look for your site or a blog. You can showcase your skills, portfolio, or product and services in the home page of this free WordPress themes by editing the home page and inserting icons and short description that describe each section or features of your products/service.

Further research revealed that its developer, gpriday, offers free support on their forums.

It integrates with some powerful plugins such as MetaSlider for creating beautiful slider, WooCommerce for creating online store, and Page Builder for responsive page layouts. You can use it to start a business, store, or portfolio.

Demo | Download
FREE WordPress Theme #9: Minimaze
minimaze - free wordpress themes
minimaze – free wordpress themes

Minimaze is a multi-purpose (corporate, portfolio, photography, blog, etc) free WordPress themes for 2016. It is responsive, HD retina ready (high quality graphics), and comes with a powerful theme builder to let you create custom pages without touching any code.

It also has a easy to use slider to showcase products and services to your readers without loading extra pages. Also, the built-in homepage layout builder will allow you to insert logo, change navigation bar, and customize features sections with just a click of a button.

Demo | Download
FREE WordPress Theme #10: Fashionista
fashionista - free wordpress themes
fashionista – free wordpress themes

I loved the Fashionista free WordPress theme and hope you will too. It looks like an modern magazine style theme with the very nice looking narrow Google font for it.

The upper fold contains top level menu, logo section, main navigation underneath it, and the recent blog post with a header, image, and short description with a link to the “inner” page. At the right, you can find sections that displays the search box, social media profiles, and popular stories for your site or blog.

It is simple, clean, and loads really fast, without too much on it. You can use it for your fashion site or a blog.

Demo | Download

How to ‘find’ More FREE WordPress Themes like These?

It’s very simple: simply follow these two steps (see below) to find free WordPress themes, and use it on your website or blog. Well, let me guide you:

First, you login to your WordPress dashboard, and underneath the “Appearance” tab, you click on the “Themes” menu option, and finally, you click on “Add Themes” option.

01-free-wordpress-themes-foIn the next page, click on the Popular tab (see below), and you’ll find all popular free WordPress themes for 2017.

popular-free-wordpress-themThat’s all there is to it.

Remember – Please do give them credit if you plan to use any of these free WordPress themes on your website or blog. If you require help, simply search for the particular theme (“Fashionista,” for example) on Google, and visit their site for more information.

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