Google AdSense Profits Mixed with Affiliate Marketing

You may be a website owner who needs funds to keep your website running. Or maybe, your website is the only source of income for you.

No matter what your situation is, if you are a web owner (webmaster) and you want to make money online through your website, affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go.

With affiliate marketing, you can generate plenty of cash into your bank account very easily. If you publish ‘good contents’ on a regular basis, then why not sign up for the Google Adsense program?

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Why Should You Join Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Well, simply because it is the best way, not to mention the easiest to make money online, unless, of course, you are a businessman who wants to sell your own products or services online rather than promote and sell others’ (merchant’s) offers.

In fact, online retailers can benefit so much from affiliate marketing programs. This is because affiliate marketing works for both merchants and the affiliates.

Affiliate marketing is a partnership between two people – a merchant and an affiliate. In this partnership, the affiliate agrees to promote/advertise merchant’s products and services on the affiliate’s website.

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The merchant, on the other hand, also agrees to pay the affiliate a certain percentage of commission, which means easy income for the affiliate because all he/she has to do is place the merchant’s (or retailer’s) ad on his/her website.

The merchant also benefits from this partnership, because having affiliates do all the promotion for their products and services would be a lot more affordable than hiring an advertising firm to promote their products.

There are several ways the merchant can compensate the affiliate for his/her services. One of the most common ways of compensation are the pay-per-click, or PPC method, and the pay-per-sale, or PPS method.

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Most affiliates prefer the PPC method. In this method, their website visitors would only have to “click” on the ad, and he would earn money.

The merchants, on the other hand, would prefer the PPS method, as they only have to pay commission to you (affiliates) if your visitors become one of their registered users, or if they purchase their products or services.

Here is the catch: making more money through affiliate programs, however, does not depend much on the compensation methods discussed above. Making more profits online depends more on the traffic generated by your site.

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That means a website that can attract more visitors would ultimately generate more income through affiliate marketing programs.

What about the Google Adsense Program?

Google Adsense is also similar to affiliate marketing. In Google Adsense, the Google acts as an middle man between the affiliates and the merchants. The merchant, of the advertiser, simply signs up with Google and provide the latter with text and banner ads related with their products. These ads, which include a link to the advertiser’s website, would later appear on Google search as well as on the affiliate’s websites.

While there are a lot of similarities between Google Adsense and affiliate marketing programs, but there are also many differences.

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For example, in Google Adsense, all the website owner (the ‘publisher’ or the affiliate) has to do is place a piece of code on his/her website, and Google will take care of the rest.

The ads placed by Google on your site are usually related to the content of your site. This benefits both you and the advertiser, because your website visitors would be more likely to “click” on those ads as they seem relevant to what they were looking for.

The Google Adsense pays the affiliate (you) in a pay-per-click (PPC) method. Google charges advertisers certain percentage (very less) each time the visitors click ads on affiliate’s sites. Google then pays the “deducted amount” to you through checks, usually at the end of each month.

Google Adsense program also offers website owners with a “tracking tool” that allows him/her to monitor their earnings they receive from certain ads.

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So, What Is the POINT of All These ?

Well, all I can think of is you will be making nothing but profits, profits, and more profits, if you do it the ‘right’ way.

Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing program is a powerful combo that will work for everyone – both affiliates or merchants.

Merchants will save tons of money when they advertise their products and services through affiliate marketing, rather than hiring an expensive advertising firm.

The website owners or affiliates, on the other hand, generates huge amount of passive income by simply doing what they are best at, and by creating more websites.

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At the end, if you combine all of your profits from Google Adsense program and affiliate marketing programs, it will surely add up to a large amount of cash.

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