How I Build Backlinks to My Site for Free and Boost Sales By 37% [Video]

generate free backlinks to boost website rankings
generate free backlinks to boost website rankings

Looking to build backlinks to your site for free? After building a website and crafting tons of content on it, you need to bring tons of website traffic to it to generate leads and sales. One of the best and fastest ways to bring more traffic to your site is to get more backlinks to it.

You can generate tons of backlinks to your site, but if they are not relevant (“dating & relationship site” having a backlink to an “internet marekting” site), then you will be a victim of Google penalty.

To avoid getting into trouble with Google and other search engines and keep on rising higher in search engines, you need to get backlinks from other relevant blog posts, both internally or externally.

If you didn’t know how to build backlinks to your site for free, please check out this resourceful video to get as many backlinks to your site as you can, absolutely for free.

Use These Queries to Find High PR WordPress Sites to Comment on:

“powered by wordpress” cheap web hosting

This will generate all WordPress powered sites that has the cheap web hosting keyword phrase in the page.

“powered by wordpress” “cheap web hosting”

This search query will generate all WordPress sites having exact “cheap web hosting” keyword phrase.

“powered by wordpress” intitle:cheap web hosting

It will generate all WP sites that has cheap web hosting keyword in the title tag of the search result.

“powered by wordpress” inurl:your keyword

This search query will generate WP sites that has cheap web hosting in the URL of the page.


  1. Just ensure that you do NOT overdo it. Keep on building backlinks regularly, but also make it natural. Do not build more than 10 backlinks per day.
  2. Use the queries above to build backlinks for your keywords.
  3. Also use alternative keywords to find other relevant blog posts that are similar to your own topics.
  4. Always know how to properly comment on blog.

Over to you:

How do you build backlinks to your website for free? Do you use any of these tactics to find relevant sites to comment on and build backlinks? Please comment below!

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