5 Effective Ways to Comment On Blogs and Build More Traffic

How to Comment On Blogs and Drive More Traffic To Your Site
How to Comment On Blogs and Drive More Traffic To Your Site

Blog commenting on other blog is a great way to building your online reputation, backlinks to your website, and staying sharp in your industry. For others, it is also a wonderful way to get further blogging ideas and find opportunities that may not have existed elsewhere.

The reason why commenting is valuable is because it is useful to get more exposure to your website out there. It is free and extremely easy thing to do and takes only few minutes of your precious time.

Just like blog writing, blog commenting has to be a regular routine of a smart blogger. He or she needs to incorporate blog commenting every week to get the most out of their blogging efforts. The number one reason is, of course, getting more website traffic. If you want to seriously take your blogging to the next level, why not start leaving comments on blog starting today, right?


But, there are also several things you need to be careful about when leaving comments on other blogs, which I will discuss in this post for you.

So, before I show you how to become a better commentator, let me give you few reasons why blog commenting is powerful for marketing your brand:

Why Comment on Blogs?

  1. Builds free backlinks for your blog – Blog is an excellent way to building backlinks (important for SEO) to your website. In addition to adding your thoughtful and useful comments on a blog posts, you can also leave a URL of your website in the ‘website’ text field.
  2. Helps you drive more traffic to your site – When people click on these backlinks, they have a way to visit your website. If the website or blog is very popular (gets 10,000 visitors a day), you will drive a handful of visitors to your website.
  3. Establishes yourself as an industry expert – As you continue to post useful and relevant comments on other blogs, you will establish yourself as an industry expert. People are more likely read what you have to say than others who comment infrequently.
  4. Helps you get to know other bloggers – If you want other bloggers in your industry notice you, you can start leaving comments on them, starting today!
  5. Helps you become up to date in your industry – And, if want to know what is happening in your industry and keep your brain engaged in the topic, blog commenting is the way to go. It is also a good writing practice!

How to ‘Properly’ Comment on a Blog?

If you look at the comment section, you will find there are four different fields– first name, email address, website URL, and the comment field. You have to utilize each of these fields to get maximum exposure to your website and your brand.

How to Properly Comment on a Blog
How to Properly Comment on a Blog

1) The Name field: You will enter your name here.

However, if you are trying to promote your business or a similar blog post, it is better to include the name of your business or your blog posts here. Why? Because your business name or blog post will most likely contain keywords in your industry, which is going to be good for your SEO efforts – Google ranks keyword-rich links considers links with keywords more valuable than links without it.

For example, if the blog topic was about “How to Make Money Blogging,” and if you had a blog post on your website that you want to include here as a reference for the readers, include the blog post in the name field like this:

“How to Make Money Blogging – Abi Writes”

Blog Commenting - Insert Your Name

2) The Email Field: Enter your email address in the email field.

How to Comment Properly on Blog - Enter Your Email Address

3) Website (optional): Enter the URL of your website. You can also post the URL of your blog post, or social media accounts.

How to Comment On Blogs and Drive More Traffic To Your Site

4) Enter your comment: Enter your comment in the comment section. Make sure your comments are relevant, useful, and engaging to the blog topic.

Avoid using useless comments likeWow, great!” or “Thanks for sharing!” Instead, try to add value to what is already been written. For that, read the blog post carefully and comment on something that intrigues you. This way, your comment will more likely get approved. If possible, include a call to action at the end of your comment, asking readers to visit your blog for in-depth information on the same topic.


Here is an example of comment:

Hi, Thanks for sharing this insightful post on How to Make Money Blogging.

I also think that in order to make money blogging, you need your own personal blog hosted on a private server and it’s better to have your own domain name as well.

But there are over 100 ways of making money online. I have covered a highly specific way to make money online from blogging, which has been working for me for over 3 years now. Come visit my website to learn how to make money blogging fast…

5) Re-check everything. Once you have written your comment, check to see you if have proper URL to your website, valid email-address, and your full name (or, your business name or blog post title), and comments for proper grammar, spelling, and relevancy.

Once you have reviewed your comment, hit the “Post Comment” button.

That’s it. This is how you properly comment on a blog post.

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Over to You

Did you find how to comment on a blog post helpful? Did I miss anything important? How do you post comments on other’s blog? Please share your ideas in the comment section below. If you found this post useful, please share, like, comment with your connections on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Thanks for reading, Aby 🙂

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