How to Construct “SEO-Friendly Titles” That Grabs Attention, Generates Curiosity, and Send MORE Traffic Than You Can Handle!

seo friendly titles for more traffic
seo friendly titles for more traffic

Your blog titles are very important. It makes a huge difference between a visitor clicking through your site or simply ignoring (because it’s boring) and visiting your competitor’s website.

Don’t let another visitor just walk by forever, like that anymore.

Do you know what drive MORE traffic to your site? It’s not your compelling copy (that comes later). It’s not even your beautiful website design. It’s your “title” – or, headlines – that drives TONS of traffic you need to improve your bottom line – sales.

But not just any titles you throw out, mind you.

Your title needs to aggressive, bold, and compelling … that’ll tell your people to just STOP doing whatever they’re doing, and listen to what you have to say.

Well, you may not always come up with a winners, (but I’ll tell you how to just do that in the resource below), but with practice, you will be coming up with plenty that grab’s your people’s attention. And these titles are also known as…

SEO-friendly titles

In plain English, SEO-friendly titles are optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo Bing. You can create your own SEO-friendly titles by seamlessly inserting keywords into your post titles (as shown below in example).

Google bot will then crawl through your web page looking for new content, and index your optimized content. Later, when when someone searches Google using those keywords, Google will display all website relevant to that search phrase, including yours.

Then, Google search bots will scan through its list of indexed sites and will display the most relevant titles (content) in the search result.

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Now that you know what SEO friendly titles are, let me show how you can generate one for your blog posts.

First, you need to determine a keyword for your post. For example, the keyword for this post might be “SEO friendly title”.

Secondly, once you have determine your keyword, you need to place it in your title. For that, you need to do some research before using it in your title. Search the web to see if your SEO friendly title is already in use. It will most likely be!

If that’s the case, try to place additional words (nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc) to describes the title in more depth. For example, you could add “Generate SEO Friendly Title in Minutes”, “Build SEO Friendly Titles for Your Blog Posts”, “How to Build SEO Friendly Titles To Drive More Traffic To Your Site,” etc. Just keep on experimenting because you never know what you will come up with. You will be surprised!

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Finally, use this seo friendly title in your post. Make sure to crate the URL the same as your title. Also try to include your title into your meta tags, body content, first paragraphs, last paragraphs, alt tags, and headers and sub-headers for on-page SEO.

Well that is all I have to say on how to generate SEO friendly titles to drive more traffic to your site.

FREE SEO Friendly Title Generator

If you are out of time, you can also try these handful online tools (free) to generate seo friendly titles for your blog posts.

  1. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator
  2. TweakYourBiz Title Generator
  3. Inboundnow Title Generator

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