HOW TO CREATE ARTICLES: Secret (but easy) tricks to try tonight

When peopled are curled up in their bed with your book, you are free to talk about your feelings, scenery, and then look for ways to develop the characters and the whole story.

But, when people are reading on the internet, they are looking for fast facts. They just want easy to understand information, not additional fluff.

That is the goal you should always aim for.

When you want to learn something, you want to learn it as quickly as possible, as people look for shortcuts so that they can apply quickly what they’ve just learned.

That is why you want to be brief and to the point when you write articles for the web.

What is the fastest and easiest way to write articles?

As you know, there are a plethora of websites as there are online forums… so you do not have to worry about coming up with content all by yourself.

But here’s the harsh truth you must always remember – you must never copy another person’s article for your own use.

Not even a sentence.

Not even a phrase.

Not only it’s unethical, you could also be sent to jail.

However, one thing you can certainly do – i.e. learn something from their content and write them down in your own words.

For example, you can gather information from 3 to 4 different sources on your topic.

Read through them and write them down in your own words on what you have just learned.

Where to look for good info?

If you wanted to create an article on “weight loss,” you’d Google for the term “weight loss forums” or “weight loss discussion boards“.

Then you’d look for popular topics that people are talking about, read through people’s responses… and then, use that information to churn out your own article(s).

And, if you found a great pool pump on Amazon and want to write a review on it you’d Google for “pool pump forums” and then see what kinds of question people are generally asking, and then, write an answer for it.

In addition to using forums, you can also visit to find frequently asked questions, Yahoo Answers, or Google Groups.

Keep in mind you’re keeping your article brief and to the point, but make it useful throughout the whole content.

A few weeks back, I remember reading through an article about searching for best nutrition for muscle growth.

I laughed out loud when I read one of the tips that went like this.

“In order to find the best nutrition for muscle growth, you need to go outside and look actively for it.”

Well, cmon who wants to read such a crappy tip?

Of course, everyone has to go out and look for one. But that piece of advice was totally useless. When it comes to writing helpful tips, avoid stating the obvious.

You want to offer helpful information by giving unique, interesting, and engaging suggestions.

That is what users are looking for…

Well, now that you know how to write a great article and where to look for good information, the next big thing you’ll have to take care of is not the editing, not the reformatting, and not even checking for spelling and grammar mistakes but the article title.

Writing your article title

Just like the breaking news headline on the TV screen, the article title is what make people read what you have to say, or just pass it on.

As stated earlier, people are looking for articles that contain helpful tips so that they can use them immediately.

Your article title must convey what you are trying to offer your readers in your article. Article titles like, “How to Play,” and “The best recipe” sound boring, unimaginative, and simply generic.

This could be the title for any types of games or any food recipe.

On the other hand, “10 Dead Simple Steps to Make Your Own Whey Protein Under 10 minutes!” – is far better!

And, do not forget to add personal anecdotes in your articles. Not only your article sound personal, but it also helps to hold your reader’s attention simply because they love your story.

Editing your article

Just go and ask an editor and he/she will tell you how difficult it is to proofread your own work.

This is because in your head you know exactly what the article MUST be about, however, it’s easier for your brain to skip few key points and errors.

To make sure your article reads natural and flowing, read it aloud twice.

Also, have your third eye look over your work to see if it makes complete sense. Of course, you do not want to skip checking for spelling errors. Leave too many of these and your article will not likely get published/accepted.

Now that you know how to craft killer content for your site, you’ll want to learn how to market it to your intended audience to bring a flood of traffic to your site.

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