How to Create “Juicy” Copy, Easily and Regularly … Within 10 Minutes!

Professional copywriters use these techniques to come up with "juicy" copy (almost everytime)!

all copywriters follow these tips to come up with juicy copy

Professional copywriters use these techniques to come up with "juicy" copy (almost everytime)!

I understand that it isn’t always easy to create compelling content for your site or blog.

Even professional writer have a difficult time creating one regularly, but despite all the challenges, they still manage to come up with an excellent copy.

How? What’s their secret?

Most likely, they’re following one of these tips to create compelling content:

1. Learn from others

Sometimes, you need inspiration from others to come up with creative ideas for content.


  1. Curate content. Gather at least 10 blog posts that you often read for creative ideas.
  2. Brainstorm with others. Ask your friends for ideas. They could be other bloggers, online friends, and even offline friends you meet at the bar
  3. Ask your readers for ideas. Ask your readers “what they like to hear from you?” Ask questions to get some feedbacks.
  4. Interview someone in your industry. Instead of churning everything out yourself, it is better to write few questions and ask others to answer them. The good thing about this exercise is that you get to meet interesting people in your town.
  5. Ask others to contribute as a guest. Guest post can effortlessly add more content on your website blog. For this, ask other smaller blogs in your niche if they would be interested in guest posting.

2. Create content w/o creating anything

Writing quality content isn’t always about coming up with something new.

The matter fact is that you can create some great posts without having to be too creative at all.


  1. Review something. Choose a product or a service and write what you like or dislike about the product, and would you recommend it to others?
  2. Share your successes. Don’t forget that your people want to learn more about you. Give them what they want: show them where and how you are today with a step by step way. Tips: Share lessons you learned along the way; avoid bragging.
  3. Share your failures. Tell how you overcame your biggest challenge.
  4. Write best-case studies. Choose a product – or a service or a company – and tell why you like them, what they’re doing right, and what your readers can learn from them.
  5. Write worst-case studies. To write a worst case study, mention what you don’t like about the product – or service or the company – and show what they’re doing wrong with examples and what your readers can learn from their mistakes.
  6. Bring the old posts back again. Select some of your best older posts and share them again with your readers on Facebook and Twitter. Add description or description to each post.

3. Use Name Recognition

For this technique to work, you need to mix two completely unrelated subjects into one post.

But don’t go too far with this. Your readers must be familiar with both subjects and something they want to learn more about.

For example, you could combine your business topic along with a name of a famous musician, such as:

  • 10 Career Lessons Arnold Schwarzenegger Can Teach Us
  • What Tiger Woods Can Teach Us About Happiness


  1. Grab a fiction. Use the author’s name, or even the title of the book. For more impact, go for fiction or poetry.
  2. Comic. Who doesn’t like superheroes? They always make up for a great blog post. Just make sure to pick your favorite.
  3. Pick a movie. Popular movies can be great inspiration for generating great blog topic ideas.
  4. Watch Television shows. Select television shows that your audience would most likely watch. Look for most popular shows.
  5. Choose any celebrity you like. They could be a musician, a writer, a popular singer or an actor. Anyone will do.
  6. Google trends. Check out Google trends to see what is trending right now and work that to create a blog post to boost website rankings.

4. Get Your Mojo Going.

Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of jump start to get your creative juice flowing again. Here are few tips you can use to get your mojo back again.


  1. Go for a walk. Breaking up your routine can help start your brain again. This tactic may not work for everyone, so you may need to figure out what your triggers are: meditation, yoga, music, journal writing, or anything else.
  2. Expand your social/cultural circle. Go out to check out a violin exposition just down the block. Or, try new falafel in the Indian restaurant can help stimulate your creativity.
  3. Get personal. Tell a personal story about yourself on your blog. Maybe, you moved into Paris this summer and you want to share how you’ve made friends with dentists you visit twice a year.
  4. Reuse. This post is an excellent example of how you can reuse an old post into something completely new and different.

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