How to Edit HTML Pages and Insert PayPal ‘Buy Now’ Button

edit and insert paypal buy now button

I was looking for how to edit a sales page and insert “PayPal Buy Now” button code in it for quite a while. Today was my luck. I did an online research and found you need not need a lot of props. Just a few simple tools for editing HTML Pages, notepad and MS Word and you are good to go.

Here is how you can insert your PayPal button link in your sales page:

1. Login to your PayPal account and click on the “Merchant Services” tab
2. Click “Website Payments Standard” link


3. Under “Create buttons for your website” select “Selling single items” and click “Create one new” button link.


4. In the next page that displays, you enter all the details about your product: name, price, etc.


5. Next, scroll down the page and click on “Step 3: customize advance features (optional)”

6. Then, enter the full URL address of your website where customers will be able to download the product after making the payment. It should be a full URL. For example,

7. Then click on “Create Button” button
8. Grab the code of your button on the next page. You will see two tabs, ‘Website’ and ‘Email’ next. Click on ‘Email’ tab.
9. Select the one line code, right click and click ‘Copy.’

Inserting-PayPal-Buy-Now-510. Now, you can copy this code and create a hyperlink with a “BUY NOW” text or image (or both) in your website.

How to Make a Buy Now Link in the Website:

If you have MS_Word, please open your sales page in it and type your “buy now” word. It can be anything, for example:

– Grab a Copy
– Click here to Download
– Secure a Copy
– Buy Immediately
– Click here for instant access

1. Select the text and go to Insert menu and click on “Hyperlink”


2. Then insert your PayPal button code in it and click ‘OK’.

Make-a-Buy-Now-Link-23. Save your sales page and now if anyone clicks on that ‘Buy Now’ link, they will be redirected to PayPal site to make payment to your PayPal account.Make-a-Buy-Now-Link-3Making a Buy Now BUTTON instead of a LINK:

1. On your sales page in MS Word software and insert your favorite buy now/order now button image in it. Visit Google images and download a nice ‘buy now’ image or create yourself. I will do the former. Save it on your computer and insert it in your page.

inserting-buy-now-image2. To insert ‘buy now’ image in your sales page, move your cursor where you want to insert the image. Then goto ‘Insert’ menu and click ‘Insert’ tab and select ‘Picture.’ Browse and select the image and click ‘OK’. It will be inserted in your sales page like this:


3. Now click on the image and go to Insert Menu > Hyperlink and enter your PayPal button code like explained on the previous article.


Save this page and now anyone clicking that image will be redirected to PayPal site to make payment to your PayPal account.

To make any other changes, you can use MS Word.

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