How to Find Long Tail Keywords with Market Samurai

long tail keyword
long tail keyword

If you have been searching the Internet in order to learn how to find long tail keywords with Market Samurai, then in this article, I’ll show you some easy ways to do keyword research to find profitable list of keywords that you can target for your niche site.

Few years back, it wasn’t important that you do a thorough keyword research in order to find a list of search terms you could target your site with. All you had to do was visit Google Keyword Planner (then Google Adwords Tool), type in your keyword phrases to generate a list of long tail keywords, and then optimize your site and create content around it to market it. But with the latest search engine updates such as Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, ranking for keywords aren’t the same. Plus, every day there pops hundreds of new website, probably from affiliate marketers, who are trying to compete against you with the same list of keywords. These keywords are broad, highly competitive and isn’t beneficial for small business owners. They’re often known as short tail keywords.

Short tail keywords may have high search volume per month, but they aren’t profitable for you in terms of ranking quickly and easily and bring massive amount of traffic to your site. Instead, there’s an alternative that is available for small business owners – i.e. finding long tail keywords.

In this article, I will show you how to find long tail keywords with Market Samurai, although there are plenty of FREE keyword research tool to help you find long tail keywords that have high search volume but less competitive so that you can quickly rank for those search terms and get the desired result – i.e. rank in the 1st page of Google and bring a lot of organic traffic.

Before I show you how to find long tail keywords with Market Samurai ( a free keyword research tool), let me explain you why long tail keywords are crucial for small business owners to get a easy rankings and impact that bottom line they’ve been craving for for months.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are “low hanging fruits” that are easy to reach and reap the rewards. They’re easy to rank because these search phrases are very specific and long, which most not-so-savvy Internet Marketers or even business owners have taken time to target. So you see, long tail keywords will naturally have less competition than short tail keywords. If you want to see better results in terms of ranking and bringing plenty of qualified traffic to your site, then you must learn how to find long tail keywords with Market Samurai.

  1. Long tail keywords are long, very specific (niche-based), and therefore, have less competition
  2. Long tail keywords are easy and quick to rank in the 1st page of Google
  3. Long tail keywords will increase your conversion rate by almost 60% than short tail keywords
  4. Long tail keywords will help you carter to a specific niche, rank for it in the 1st page, and then seem as an industry expert in those small niche
  5. Long tail keywords are the best way to target first before targeting other tough keyword phrases for your Internet Marketing

So now that you know why it’s important to target long tail keywords for your niche site, let me show you how to find long tail keywords with Market Samurai.

As I said earlier, there are other free top keyword research tools to help you find profitable keywords for your niche marketing efforts, however for the sake of this article, today I’ll show you how to find long tail keywords with Market Samurai.

How to find long tail keywords with Market Samurai

The biggest challenge you will come across is how to find long tail keywords with Market Samurai. Yes, you can always use other best free keyword research tool, but you do not want to not to try Market Samurai as I think it’s one of the best keyword research tools for starters, intermediate users, and professional internet marketers as well. Not mentioning, you can try Market Samurai for 30 days , absolutely FREE, so that you have plenty of time to decide whether it’s the right keyword research tool you want to invest your money on.

But for now, let’s look at how to find long tail keywords with Market Samurai without having to take out your wallet, or a credit card.

  1. Download and install Market Samurai (FREE trail)
  2. Type your short tail keyword (usually 2-3 word phrase)
  3. Drag the minimum words slider to 3 in order to get keyword phrases at least 3 words long
  4. Press the “Generate” button and wait while the results populate on the screen (usually takes 2-3 minutes depending upon your Internet connection)
  5. Once the set of long tail keyword is populated, analyze the keywords and see if you really want to rank for them
  6. Keep on grabbing long tail keywords and generate to find additional relevant keywords

Finding long tail keywords with Market Samurai is easy. You just need to allow yourself to get familiar with it, which I did within a week. But I would highly suggest that you visit their official site in order to check out there video tutorials in order to learn a lot about keyword generation tactics using Market Samurai.

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