This is the third part of my blog series on how to make money from blogging for 2016. Did you read the previous two parts? If you have not read, please do so because you will need to understand how to get started, creating a site, and designing its layout before moving on …

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Getting high quality backlinks is crucial to get better rankings than your competition. So, what are backlinks? Well, backlinks are like a ‘vote’ for your website from Google. So, the more backlinks your site has, the more ‘votes’ it will get from Google. It is also important that you get quality backlinks through high PR (page rank) sites. The higher the PR of the sites, the more weight the link will have.

backlinksThere are several different websites you can build quality backlinks from, including:

  1. Social Bookmarking
  2. RSS Feed Submissions
  3. Directory Submissions
  4. Blog and Forum Postings
  5. Article Submissions
  6. Creating your own supporting sites/pages (like Infobarrel, HubPages, Blogger, etc)

And, you can check number of backlinks pointing to your site using BackLinkWatch or any of the SEO tools that I mentioned earlier.

Social Bookmarking

You can bookmark your site with Social Marker or OnlyWire.

Blogs and Forums

You can perform a Google Blog Search using your keyword to find blog posts to comment on, and place a link to your homepage. It is highly advised that you try to contribute something while posting your comments and dropping your links to these blogs. For that, read the blog content and leave your thoughts on it, and not just only write text such as “Wow, amazing, I liked that,” “Thanks for sharing,” which significantly drops the chances of your comment being approved. At worst, you could also get banned from them; not worth it after spending so much time creating a profile there.

How to search for good forum posts to comment on? Check out my article on How to find Great Forum Topics to Build Powerful Backlinks … Under 3 Minutes?

Article Submission

Many online marketers submit their articles to article directories to generate high quality backlinks. It is one of the “major” tactic of getting quality backlinks to their site. If you are in a market (niche) that is very low in competition, you need not build many backlinks to rank higher in the SERP’s. You just only need few; around 5-10 backlinks and you will rank in #1 position.

And here are important things you need to consider while creating an article…

  • 400-600-word article
  • Use your keyword phrase as an anchor text. Here is an example of anchor text…<a href=””>your keyword phrase</a>

* NEVER place your main keywords in your articles though. Only use your main keywords in the anchor text. There is a reason for that: if you use your primary keywords into the article body, your articles may rank higher in the SERPs than your AdSense site or Affiliate site. Obviously, you do not want that to happen because then you will not bring traffic to your site to click on your ads.

One of the best ways to get the greatest distribution of your articles and in return get most backlinks is to use the following technique…

Do not write about your “air purifier” affiliate product. Instead, select one of the most popular niches – Affiliate Marketing or Health and Fitness or Self-Development (I prefer) – and write a 500 word article on that topic. Or, choose something you are more familiar with or interested to write about.

write contentOnce done writing, simply use your main keywords – “air purifier” in this example – as your anchor text in your author box. This way, you will get much wider distribution and many more backlinks. There is a reason for that too: many people redistribute your article on their site or blog. So, if you are writing something that people care about, then you have a higher chance of others picking up and sharing your article in the web. And, because your resource box contains your anchor text pointing to your money site, you will, in return, get tons of backlinks to your AdSense or Affiliate site(s).

Article Directories

There are over thousands of article directories out there. But you really do not need to submit your articles to 768 different directories. Just focus on the high PR sites. The number at the right represents the PR (PageRank). The higher the PR of the site, the more authority the site is.

There are plenty of programs out there than can “spin” your articles so that you have many variations of your copy and avoid duplicate content. I personally submit the same article to all of these directories. Duplicate content in the way most people think is a myth, but that is just another topic.

There is a software that can “spin” your articles so that they are not only unique, but also submit them automatically to hundreds of article directories.

I personally use WAC (Wicked Article Creator) and SEnuke XCr. WAC can generate content for any popular keywords and spin it. Moreover, it can generate content for your SEnuke project. SEnuke XCr actually builds thousands of backlinks on a wide range of web sources such as social bookmarking sites, article directories, RSS directories, social networking sites, Wiki sites, Web directories, Press Release directories, and forum profiles.

SEnuke XCr: Download Now!You can try WAC for 14 day for your projects and to test whether or not to purchase this content generation and spinning software. For me, it works and saves a lot of time on writing content, especially when I am managing multiple niche sites. SEnuke XCr, on the other hand, could be expensive for you ($ per month), but the result you will get will outweigh all the costs occurred. Plus, SEnuke XCr can automate the whole process of building high quality backlinks to your site, saving you time as well; not to mention, SENuke XCr also has a 14-day trial period, so make sure to test this amazing link building tool before deciding to purchase it.

Well, that is all there is to learn on how to make money blogging using link building tools and strategies.

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