How to Make Money Blogging: Site Creation, Layout, and Indexing (Part II)

How to Make Money Blogging
How to Make Money Blogging

If you read my previous posts on How to Make Money Blogging: Getting Started guide, then you probably know by now how easy it is to make money from blogging.

If you have not, I highly recommend you check out the guide first because whatever we will be learning today will depend upon your understanding of it.

So, read the article once again, if you have not.

Now, let us look at the next major milestone on how to make money blogging from home: Site Creation and Layout Design.

Remember, we are looking at how to make money blogging by displaying Google AdSense program on our sites, but there are also other ways of making money fast through blogging, such as promoting affiliate offers.

1. Website/Page(s) Optimization


To make money from our mini AdSense sites, we will have to optimize it first.

Site optimization is very important as it helps make it – the contents – more relevant and visible to your ‘target’ audience.

So, for each page we create, we will only target one keyword.

We will use that keyword once in the title of the page and H1, H2, and H3 if possible.

If you are using a WordPress powered site, you will place the “main” keyword in the title of your page, which will be your H1 tag.

For best result, we recommend that you use a theme that is best suited for Google AdSense – the BlueSense Theme for example.

Do not know how to build a website and install a theme?

Do not worry! Check out my post on how to create a WordPress site for free. These tips are very simple to follow, and I will walk you through the whole process personally.

Basically, you want to make you site clutter free by giving your visitors very little options.

We will only focus on giving good content.

We will not give them many different links to click on, making sure to limit all the distractions.

2. How to Make Money Blogging: Creating Your OWN Content

write contentRemember that if you want to make money from Google AdSense or even Affiliate offers, you will have to write.

If you think writing content is something you cannot do on a regular basis, then let me be honest with you and advise you to, “find something else to make money online through.

Making money from blogging is definitely not your cup of tea…”

Although that was a little bit harsh, but facts are facts; if you are not willing to write even at least few hours a week, then its better you do something else!

Alright, there is another alternative if you hate writing content yourself!

You can outsource article writing through variety of online sources, such as Upwork and WarriorForum, for example.

Do not expect to get a decent article written for $2! Instead, be willing to pay at least $10 for well-written articles.

But, if you think you can write content on your own, just make sure you do know how to properly perform niche research first.

You can do this by visiting forums and related blogs to find helpful content. See what people are talking about (read threads and its responses).

Then create new article using your own words.

Do not copy a single phrase!

Just re-write the whole content in your own words. This is a very serious issue.

If you copy content from others, you could land yourself into jail. So, simply write it in your own words.

And, make sure your content has at least 700-850 words!

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Personally, I have found that it is usually easy to optimize the articles that are usually long.

It also decreases the “bounce rate” as people will spend more time to read all the content.

If you are creating a product review site, churning out 700-800-word article is fairly easy.

You only have to look for the product, read through the product review and include its description, features, pros and cons, and customer reviews, and best place to buy, and then, write it in your own words.

Again, make it readable, informative, and straight to the point.

Remember, Internet readers have short span of attention, and they need information INSTANTLY.

How to Make Money Blogging: Getting Your Site Indexed

Now that we are done with setting up a site, let us look at how to index your site so that search engines can easily find and display it to your ‘targeted’ audience.

To get your site indexed, you can either use a blog or a static HTML site.

In my view, I think indexing a HTML-based site is rather cumbersome than indexing a WordPress blog.

Indexing an HTML-based site took me nearly two weeks in one case, while my WordPress powered blog was indexed within 24 hours.

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Just follow all the steps outlined below to ping your brand new site, although it is bit extreme doing all the pinging yourself, but if you do not want to do them all, you really do not have to.

Just by doing some basic indexing (follow instructions below) and using a blog, you can get your site indexed pretty quickly.

  1. Use the basic SEO methods we discussed at the beginning of this guide.
  2. Next, index your site using Ping and
  3. Get good backlinks from High PR sites (see backlink generating method, in the next article)
  4. Ping those backlinks too
  5. Bookmark those backlinks and your site too – You may use SocialMarker or Onlywire or NextScript Social Poster
  6. Start posting of relevant forums and blogs and insert your URLs in your signature. Do anything but spam!
  7. Digg your site on (I used it once and have worked really good for me, and I am sure it will work for you too)
  8. Use com to submit your RSS feed.

Getting your site indexed can happen with hours, or even a day, or it could even take a couple of weeks as indexing depends upon several factors.

But if you do not see your site getting indexed, do not get discouraged. Just keep building backlinks from High PR sites to it.

site-indexedIf you want to find out whether your site has been indexed or not, simply go to Google and typesite:”.

If you do not get any results, that means your site has not been indexed yet.

But these things do rarely happen. In fact, I have had couple of my sites indexed without doing all the work I just mentioned above.

Just use this article as a guide and only do how much you want to.

Well, that concludes our second part on how to make money blogging tutorial.

If you haven’t check out my first part on How to Make Money Blogging, please click the link to learn how to get started to earn making money from online.

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