How to Make Money Blogging: Tracking SERPs and Site Visitors (Part IV)

how to make money blogging
how to make money blogging

To keep track your rankings in the search engines, use Traffic Travis. They have a free version that allows you to track up to 5 sites. On the other hand, you can spend time doing it manually, but why bother? Use Traffic Travis.

And then, use Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic. Small tip: Place a filter on the site you are tracking to exclude your IP address. This way, you will be sure that your site will not count, which will give you more accurate results.

If You are Targeting Multiple Keywords

If you are trying to rank for more than one keywords on your site, then you want to do it in a specific way. For your homepage, use the best keywords (most searched). Then target one keyword for each page on your site. Basically, you will treat each page as its own site.

The SEO tips you follow is the same … keyword in the title, H1, H2, and work into the content, etc.

Suppose You Got Banned from Google AdSense

I have heard that for a low fee, you can start a LLC, obtain a Federal EIN, a new bank account, IP, and email address, you can obtain a new AdSense account. However, to be honest, I have no experience with it. Just wanted to share you a small tip in case you were banned from AdSense program. However, simply follow all the rules mentioned earlier and you will be just fine.

Final Thoughts

seo company  in chandigarh
seo company in chandigarh

A lot of people wonder why they are not in the first page of Google … within few days. They have the backlinks, they say. They should be ranking better than their competition, they think. But in reality, sometimes it can take up a while. I know it is not what you want to hear. I know that you just want to build a site and make it appear in the #1 position on day 5. But you see, it does not work like that. Sometimes it will require a little work and other times it will not. That is how it is…

The only thing you should be doing is to keep on having faith and never stop taking action. In reality, you never know which site will take off and which one will be a dud. The only way to find out that is to put up some work and wait. Nothing is in your hands! Of course, you can speed up the process by working on your content and getting more backlinks, but the bottom line is: you are never sure how Google will respond to your site.

The only way you will be successful at this is by taking action and continue to build your site in order to rank in the top spot(s) in the search engines.

Okay, so you make only few dollars a day… so what? Go and build 30-40 sites that make a few bucks a day and soon you will have a full-time income.

So there you have it. I have laid everything out for you. The next thing you need to do is put it to use.

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